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Pellicer: “We cannot be at the expense of players, we have to be a group”

He returned this Thursday Sergio Pellicer to the La Rosaleda bench to direct the Malaga CF in the victory against UD Mellila (1-0) with a victory, but not with the best football sensations. In fact, he is very aware and, mainly, of those last minutes that almost cost him a scare: “We don’t have to do this second part. because we will be very far from what we want,” he said at a press conference.

Second part

“In the second half we were not good. It can be divided into two parts. We have done the best 30 minutes of the season beyond the rival against a team with a defense in a line of five. We have done very well. In the second part, except for Kevin, from then on we have allowed the rival to gain confidence and we have lacked a lot of balance and more peace of mind. Being self-critical, that’s how it is. Above all, the feeling we have, the effort was non-negotiable. Now comes that question of having played Sunday and Thursday, the issue of rotations was for a reason. “We have to work on it more.”

Manu Molina and Juanpe

“The first half with Manu Molina and Juanpe they did what we asked of them. We knew that we were going to face an opponent with a low block and close lines. They changed the system and there were few spaces. When they could think, they filtered passes inside . The best moments of the game have been with them. It is true that in the second half we took a dip, I don’t think because of the physical situation, but because of the mental situation. They have ended up dead, but it is clear that we have to improve. “If you give life to your opponent by playing at La Rosaleda and being behind on the scoreboard… it is the game of their lives.”

Manu Molina, against UD Melilla. Alex Zea


“I’m not looking for any kind of excuse. I say it because when there are changes it’s because of that. For a Málaga player it’s not the same to play at La Rosaleda because of everything it generates in the environment, physically and mentally. They are processes with a lot of young and new people. If we had played from Sunday to Sunday, it would not be the same lineup. It is the bottom line and I am happy because it is a victory of suffering, with a bad second half, but of a team and players who do not participate and try to engage everyone. It is seeking self-criticism. We are Malaga“.

Role of the fans

“The stands are the key. They have seen that their team was suffering and they have continued to support. I thank them because they are incredible. In another situation in that match context, people would be in a different situation. There have been moments of weakness not giving them the that they deserved. In that aspect I am very calm. We are all aware that this is difficult and it is suffering“.

The fans did not stop insisting on La Rosaleda until the last minute. Alex Zea


“We have played the best 30 minutes in associative play with a low block and without spaces. Roberto, with all the efforts he makes, it is impossible for him to be able to play 90 minutes. He has played a game in a difficult context. If in the actions we have had There would have been a second goal, spaces would have opened up, that’s what we were missing. When Roberto saw the starting eleven he went to give it a kiss. For me that is already a collective feeling. “They are going to have an action.”


There are going to be games that by playing like this we are going to lose and playing worse too.. For me the process is important. Today is a victory knowing that we don’t have to do this second part because we will be very far from what we want. We have to continue insisting. We cannot be at the expense of players, we have to be a group. Dioni we know that he has magic in the area, but second line players have to appear. It is important that all people are plugged in. We cannot depend on one player. “We have to continue working on that aspect and have more personality in those moments when the rival presses, that pause when necessary.”

Close matches

“We have situations to close them, that’s why I demand to do it. In Linares we were effective, we had many fewer chances, but we played what we wanted. That’s the difference. Today we played what we wanted in the first half, but then we didn’t “.


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