Friday, December 8, 2023

Pellicer: “Today is a very hard day”

The Málaga CF coach, Sergio Pellicer, expressed his “very sorry” that has generated the defeat in Ponferrada against a rival that also arrived with almost unattainable permanence (2-0). “Today is a very hard day. I have little more to say,” he declared during the press conference after the match.

The coach from Castellón acknowledged that his players lacked “precision on the last pass” from the outset. And with respect to the more than 600 followers displaced to the land of Bercian, he indicated: “I have to apologize to all the fans, to all those people who have come, after having generated that illusion in an extreme situation.”

For the Nules coach, the players have been “for a long time in extreme situations. However, in this development, the other day we lacked that dose of fortune,” he defended. But he, in turn, explained that “many things are being done well. And that makes us excited.” Regarding the development of the crash, Pellicer added that his pupils did not have “A good day. We have lacked more calm. Once again the issue of anxiety has come up.”

“We are very sorry because we were on the way to fight. Now we have to face it, calm down and ask for forgiveness. We will try to reset a bit for these three games to fight for the nine points that remain”, argued the one from Nules, who also wanted to assume “the maximum responsibility, despite the fact that the players” have tried. But we have been wrong”. And he claimed that there are extreme situations that block you. He blurted out that all the footballers have given to the limit, although this time “he has not given” to add three points.

In his opinion they should “have drowned Ponferradina when the rivals had the ball.” Thus having tried to play “more in the opposite field”. Regarding what is to come, the objective is to “dignify the profession” and “not give up, training with the highest level, because there are many people behind it.”

For the man from Castellón, some of the images in recent weeks have children as protagonists, which in many cases “is the first time they have gone to La Rosaleda. Now I can’t tell them anything because they will be quite sore. I must thank them and let them know that this is a game and that we are trying despite the situations,” he concluded.


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