Thursday, June 1, 2023

Pellicer: “The situation is still very difficult”

The Málaga CF coach, Sergio Pellicer, acknowledges that a defeat against FC Cartagena would have meant “the Apocalypse” and that the three points did not change the scenario excessively: “It’s just as difficult. The road will be hard and we hope it will be long. The situation is still very difficult. We have to keep fighting.”

“Now the mind of the players is very important. That level of tension that we have had is the same that we are going to have next weekend,” said the Nules coach. At the same time, he has recognized the need “to win in front of a full stadium” which unleashed a lot of anxiety at the start of the match: “But Rubén Castro’s goal has come in very handy”.

The clash has had tremendous tension in the last moments. If a penalty was awarded in the 94th minute, Pellicer would have “taken off”, aware of what was at stake. About the fans, Pellicer alleges that he will always be in debt: “The fans believe and the team believes, and then there is creating.” He also indicated in a press conference after the 1-0 against the Cartagena team that the accounts “are useless.” Thus he pointed out that the players must look at themselves, because for a long time they have been “looking at their rivals”.

“To be great, a team has to learn to be small” from humility, added the coach from Castellón.

The main tenant of the blue and white bench expressed that it is the first time that two games have been won in a row, with three in the last four games played. He repeatedly congratulated the players because “it was a very difficult match.” And at this moment he has to “focus” on the Lugo game.

For Nules, watching videos helps to increase the level of tension, which sometimes generates excessive situations and “unpleasant situations happen.” He argued that sometimes it has been possible to see his pupils “gripped and others” in which they have been released. But finally the three points have been added because, in his opinion, “things are being done to continue fighting.” And he concluded that this Sunday was a confrontation “for the brave.”


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