Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pellicer rules out Lago Junior and Luis Muñoz for Lugo

Sergio Pellicer spoke at a press conference two days after the meeting in lugo and the first thing he did was praise the fans again, who will flock to the Carriage Annex to support the team in a decisive new match: “Blessed madness. A lot of people are going to sleep on the bus. We can only reward with effort and give everything”. “We are going to meet a rival in a critical situation,” he said about the game.

focused on the present

“The key is the day to day. It is a topic. When you look at the past, you are wrong. Racing’s was a very tough week. We focus on the focus. We mark the way. It’s like that every week. What is the effort, the work, the idea… They are all committed. There are players who have raised their competitive level, thanks to training. In Lugo it is a semifinal. We have to break barriers.”

junior lake

“It will not be there. The process has advanced a lot, but it has a viral process. We cannot take risks and it is not 100%. Next week it may be available.”

Absence of Manolo Reina

“Carlos López is going to come. He is one more player in the squad. I am very happy with him. The subsidiary has a lot at stake, but it is important to reward work and effort. I count him as a first team goalkeeper. I see it on a daily basis. I have three goalkeepers.”

Match in Lugo

“The games at Anxo Carro are very complicated. We are in the same League, with the difference in points. They have it more complicated. It is a team that has changed managers three times. At home they are very strong, despite the points they are getting. Tenerife and Racing tied. It is a team with pride. It has lived through extreme situations and has solved them. We have to have our best version. We are going to meet a rival in a critical situation. He has four straight draws at home and has only conceded one goal.”

Support from Unicaja

“I think that Unicaja and Málaga, blue and white and green tide, we all go together. Union make force. They show us the way with what they did in the Copa del Rey. It’s an example. To thank them. We all become stronger in the face of adversity. We need a victory every week. The other day a lot of people came and they won. I believe that unity is the key. That pushes us to keep fighting.”

match schedule

“Due to the weather, we can’t train here at 2. The team has already played at that time before. We travel on Friday. In the morning it will be a breakfast-lunch.”

Confidence with wins

“The way is the effort, the humility, the daily work. I see my players with confidence. The most important thing is going to be the mental state. I am seeing things very different from what I found when I arrived. We have put the individual at the service of the collective. At Villarreal we played the best game of the season and we won it by suffering. The other day we knew how to compete. This category is a shredder. We have enough experience, the data is there. We are going to find a different party”.

Support of Kike Pérez

“Thank you for your words. We are here to give our best, help as much as possible. In that aspect there is a great connection. They have to work thinking about the future and we in the Lugo party. At the end they have to put the final notes”.

Chavarria and Cristian

“They will be available. At the beginning of the week we were controlling the loads. We have had Luis Muñoz with an overload in the quadriceps. We can’t risk with an injury we would lose him for the next games. We thought it was the best. With a muscle injury you lose everything that’s left.”


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