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Pellicer, on the N’Diaye case: “My decision will be very clear”

Sergio Pellicer He came out to a press conference with the N’Diaye case as the central theme of his appearance. The coach did not reveal his decision, but his words make it quite clear: “I always try to look for internal codes. I had a meeting in the afternoon, he gave me his explanation, I told him what I really think. I am here to make decisions.” In sports, the man from Castellón wants to focus solely on the Levante game: “The most important is always the next one. I think we have to continue with the mentality that every game is a final.”

N’Diaye case

“The most important thing is that at the level of health he is fine. It was a complicated trip, we knew absolutely nothing. It is the most important thing on a personal level. Another plan is what happened. I want people who believe, excited, who go in front of TRUE. I don’t know if the club is going to open a file, but there are some codes in the dressing room. It is called what it is called, above is the work, the shield, the fans… My decision will be very clear. I have already discussed it with Kike. No need to review it again. Now we don’t need good people, we need good professionals. We play a lot.”

Termination of Lumor

“Lumor’s case is different, he already had a file open. He has tried, he has trained like the best. Cristian is giving a great level, there is Javi. I think that at a sporting level he was not going to enter. Since my arrival he has had An exemplary behavior. I accept it. We must mark a path. I would like to be talking about Levante, about the good feelings with Las Palmas. I’m here to make glue. I want there to be no cracks. I speak to his face, I am very close. I have a great responsibility.”

Sensations in the group

“The other day against Las Palmas we ran 6 kilometers more than the rival. The team is committed. If you see the classification… They will not be able to say that we do not have a soul, the results are insufficient. Above the individual is the group. This is professional football, we have a suffering fans behind us, a big club. We can’t give up, I have to thank the players for their predisposition. The group is working like animals. There is commitment. When there are individuals who get out of the way, we put everything in doubt. We need to win, with that the rivals also play. If an individual is not well on a personal level, it affects the collective. Anyone who is not well on an emotional level cannot be there.”


The trainer has to have a boxer mentality. They hit us, they hurt us, but you can’t take a step back. I’m sorry because we have a crucial game. I am worried about the Levant. 11 warriors are going to come out to compete like animals. We face a great rival. I’m not angry, I feel that pain to talk about things that cloud everything a bit.”

Match against Levante

“We know that they are the second best visitor in the category. A squad made for direct promotion. They had a change of coach. They have enormous potential. We know that anything can happen in one game. We have to continue with the dynamics of Las Palmas. The way the match against Las Palmas went very well for the players. We will have to manage several plans. Improve the attack mechanisms, we lacked a pause to give the last pass and the finish”.

Alex Calvo

“It’s fresh air. Courage, self-confidence, illusion, energy, talent… We have to know how to manage the minutes, the emotional management. He appeared at an important moment. He has almost gone from the youth to the first team. In the previous season I already raised him sometime to train. He looks like a mature boy, we have to take care of him, he is the future. He has entered very well. The other day he broke the door. We can turn off that energy, but we have to manage it.”

Atmosphere in La Rosaleda

“What greater illusion than La Rosaleda full. The fans are above everything. We have to try to make them enjoy and compete, believe. We have two games at home. The result the other day is insufficient. You have to give continuity to the positive things. I wait for a hobby that is the support. We will always be in debt.”


“I think that from now on we are not going to make the calls public, something always happens. We train the line of three throughout the week. Alberto’s loss gave us the option of Ramón. We had doubts. It is daily work. Manolo Reina He made the saving grace of his team and before he didn’t play. I want good headlines and good solutions. I never talk about the alignment, there may or may not be a change. We are going to try to give continuity to what happened the other day.”


“Players who have been there for a long time carry a backpack. I also as a coach. There are things that affect. More enthusiasm than someone from the impossible house, but freeing them from some aspects is important. Lake comes with fresh air, has fallen on his feet. It is a situation of keeping fresh air. Rubén Castro could also be a captain. Now it seems that there is a conflict behind everything, far from it. What we have to do is look for solutions. I think it’s positive to air the mind and things happen.”


“In principle, Luis will arrive, Alberto and Genaro I think too. Gallar had low back pain and we’ll see.”

Two matches at La Rosaleda

“The most important is always the next one. I think we have to continue with the mentality that every game is a final. Even though we did things very well, we tied at the end. We have to keep doing things better. We do internal self-criticism. We have to maintain balance and have several game plans. We are a team that has a hard time coming back.”

sports management

“I can’t comment on that. Raise. Anything to get out of that focus… We’ve gotten out of enough already. I imagine that the club will be working and seeing what is best.”


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