Sunday, December 10, 2023

Pellicer: “My team is going to go out and compete and win”

Sergio Pellicer spoke at a press conference prior to the first round match of Copa del Rey that Málaga CF will play at the Barakaldo CF field this Wednesday from 6:00 p.m.. Before starting the question period, the blue and white coach wanted to give his version of what happened in the last minute of the match in Antequera and the subsequent writing of the referee’s report after being sent off.

«At no time are the words I said those that are reflected in the minutes. Maximum respect for Antequera and its fans. The other day we were able to see a great sports rivalry between brothers from the province. The value of sport is paramount. They were misunderstood, there are human errors. We had to clear that up. Those who know me know that I am one of those who defends what is theirs to the death, but always with respect. We must turn the page in that regard. It has been quite clear. I am a coach who expresses himself in an energetic and temperamental way. We will have to adjust that energy. It is a learning experience for everyone,” he explained.

After this clarification, the blue and white coach responded to questions from the media.

Copa del Rey

«It is romantic football, especially in a single match. There may be extra time, penalties… The spirit of the Cup leads small teams to win big ones. We know that it is not coming at a good time due to the losses, I already experienced it in my previous time. My team is going to go out and win and compete because we represent a lot of people. It is true that we are fair, we take kids from the reserve team. It’s not an excuse. “There are players who are participating less, we will put out a team thinking about winning.”

Week with double match

«It cuts us off, because we have to stay two nights and we return on Thursday. “We will train when we arrive, on Friday we will do a recovery training and on Saturday we will spend it in the afternoon to be fresher for Sunday’s game.”


«Lows are never good. This is football and four come at you at once. In another situation it would have been very good for us. There are also casualties in the subsidiary. Recio was injured in Jaén, Izan is with the national team. They are players who are performing well and we are continuing. “We could have seen them in action.”

Barakaldo, on a roll

«If he has that many games without being defeated it means that he has not had a bad day for a long time. They have defensive and offensive intensity. It’s going to take us to the limit. If it is a team that no one has been able to beat, it means that they do many things well regardless of their category.

Triumph in Antequera

«We are competing very well. Antequera is in brutal shape. The plan we had planned came out. You see that the players believe and that is the best version we can give. We have to continue improving things. “Very happy for the boys, for what the victory means and for being a very difficult rival at home.”


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