Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Pellicer is sanctioned with two games for his expulsion in Antequera

It has been of little use claim of Malaga CF and the defense of Sergio Pellicer with the statement last Monday. The Single Disciplinary Judge has decided sanction the blue and white coach for the incident in the match against Antequera CF that cost him the expulsion in the last minute of the provincial derby, after an exchange of statements with Javier Medina’s assistant coach.

Thus, the RFEF has sanctioned Pellicer with two matches and a financial fine of 600 euros, as well as 90 euros for the club of Martiricos, for “attitudes of contempt or disregard towards the referees, directors or sports authorities”. Therefore, they have maintained the version offered in the minutes, despite the fact that Málaga CF gave their own version, also the coach in the preview of the Cup, of what happened.

Pellicer will miss the games against Córdoba and Ibiza. LOF

These have been the explanations of the Single Judge: “Our consideration with respect to the allegations made is limited to stating that, after careful observation of the videographic evidence, the intended conclusion cannot be reached at all, since the alleged fact that the first coach of Málaga CF responded to a comment coming from the opposing club’s bench, does not justify the phrase described by the referee in the minutes and which is attributed to said player“.

No effect in Cup

Pellicer will serve this sanction against Córdoba and during the visit to Ibiza in the coming days. A setback that in no way affects the Copa del Rey match that the Martiricos team will play this Wednesday, starting at 6:00 p.m., against Barakaldo.


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