Friday, December 8, 2023

Pellicer: “I’m happier than with the Melilla game”

Sergio Pellicer appeared at a press conference after the draw for Málaga CF against Real Madrid Castilla (0-0) and made it much more optimistic than the feelings that the match left in terms of sensations. He insisted that the match plan went much further, he was “happy” with the point achieved in La Rosaleda and also wanted to avoid any look towards refereeing.


“I am very proud of the boys’ work. I am happier today than with the Melilla game. They have changed at the level of the game system and I think that today we saw a match with two great teams with a brutal defensive level, they knew that With spaces we are very dangerous. Our game plan was very clear, We try to dominate and give depth to the wings with Jokin or with Dani Sánchez and Kevin on the left. It was a bit difficult for us with Dioni and Larrubia and the space had to be moved and it didn’t appear. It is true that in the second half the game opens up a little more and there is a lot of talk about us being defensive and look how we finished, with three forwards, with two midfielders. The opponent plays and I congratulated them for their defensive work. “I would like you to see the entire game plan we have.”

Castilla Plan

“I think this team was five minutes away from promotion last year and they have enormous talent. They haven’t started well in terms of scoring. It was a game plan that we thought they were going to push us higher, they pushed us and they were going to low block. For much of the game we dominated the game. There are errors, at critical moments of transitions. We have recovered many balls and we have overcome lines. “We had to be mean in some close-quarters situations.”


“I said it at half-time, if something takes us out of the game, let it not be external. I think that It is a situation that we have to forget about of the referee because he doesn’t help us. There are situations that I think you don’t understand. “But they are people and they make mistakes like us and nothing more.”

Just one point

“I’m not happy with the point because we wanted to win, but it’s clear. There have been moments with more control situations. It has been an even match and when they recovered the ball, especially in the second half, they created danger against Alfonso. For me beyond the point, I am very proud of the work of the boys. We have to focus and I am happier than against Melilla, we won there. Sometimes you win by doing things that don’t make you happy and sometimes you don’t. Winning today would have been brutal, but I think people have to see that the team transmits energy and courage.”


“In the game plan we make the ball go to certain finishing areas and that is where the talent must appear. We have abused retaining the ball and it already happened to us against Melilla. They are kids and we have to continue improving. We have to give that must, the second line people have to be more vertical, touch quickly and move, center and second play, not so much retain the ball. There are certain players whose talent you cannot put a lock on. “You have to go little by little and mold.”

Kevin ended up substituted against Castilla. Gregorio Marrero

Match plan

“I don’t want to look for excuses. I respect the opinion, but I don’t share it. I would like us all to watch the game together tomorrow with the situations. I think the team has done a lot of things. It is true that we were lacking in the finishing area, but I am very happy. I’ll look into it.”


Juanpe He had a little discomfort and we decided that he couldn’t play for so long. Juan It has already begun. Haitam It doesn’t come out because we don’t want to have the risk of injury yet, next week it will be there because it will be two clean weeks. “We don’t want to make excuses.”


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