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Pellicer: “I may have differences with Loren, but that’s good”

Sergio Pellicer spoke in the press room two days after the Málaga CF match at Atlético Baleares. The blue and white coach analyzed the state of his squad, the complexity of this Sunday’s match and he also had time to talk about proper names, his relationship with Loren Juarrosblue and white sports director, and even to give an opinion on the Rubiales case.


“Nélson causes the goalkeeper’s error, but the goal is caused by La Rosaleda, in another context we would not have entered. We must thank him for that. We have to be more consistent and more regular, but above all that they believe and that they realize that with the atmosphere of the stadium we represent the agent a lot. The fans have invested in feeling and we have to transform it into performance”.

Low for the Balearic Islands

“Ramón and Haitam are still out. Moussa has trained partially. Einar has some discomfort, we’ll see tomorrow. Manu Molina has been on a regular basis. He’s going to get in shape. Juanpe has trained at everyone’s level with the mask” .

Atlético Baleares

“They have spent years trying to be a pioneering team in the category. They have conceded two goals from set pieces. It is a consistent and supportive team on a defensive level. It has unbalancing players at the offensive level. We are not going to have our people, what we have to have is our motivation to know how to compete in a difficult setting. The other day he played with a line of five, he has also done it with a line of four. We have to generate a lot of situations to be better than the rival”.

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“The most important thing is that everything is ready, now we need unity and confidence in the boys. We know the template profile we have. I think there is a lot of enthusiasm and hunger. From there you have to get the most out of it. On Sunday after the game I hope I can continue transmitting that confidence.”

Lamb debut

“This football thing has opportunities. Last year we lived it with Cristian and Calvo. It is the club’s heritage. Hoping that Haitam and Ramón recover, but they will have time to be at 100%. In the goal play, Antonio was the one who got the ball out. In the end, opportunities appear.”

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“I think you have to find a sense of belonging. The club is going to bet on them. You have to go step by step, but they are players with a great future. It’s time to grow. I see that the club is betting on them. He is in the second year of youth, he comes from a difficult season on a personal and professional level. We are going to go 21 summoned, maybe he will enter. If we are well, we consider that he plays with the subsidiary so that he does not lose the rhythm of the competition”.

Pellicer, in the press room of La Rosaleda. Gregory Marrero

Ramon and Haitam

“If they are at 100%, they are good signings. If Ramón is at the level he was before his injury, he is the best signing. The problem is time, we must not be in a hurry. We have experience in this type of injury. They are important injuries that Then they have their process.”

Loren Juarros

“Loren and I are club people. We can have our differences, but that’s good. Sincerity between us is a sign of transparency. We want the best. The commitment is brutal. I have a very trusting relationship. There are things that don’t seem right to him and he tells me. We are to demand. That has to be understood, we get along great. Let’s both face it.”

Rubiales case

“A huge shame, because I think that women’s football has done a feat that I think for many people who have been in football we did not think they could be at that level. Good luck to the girls, to Jenni. All the people we represent must have exemplary behavior. I think there is too much talk. This is about respect, not about men and women. We have to respect each other. A very large ball has opened and should not happen again. We must all have an exemplary attitude, which in this case has undoubtedly not been. Let everything stop a bit too. Women’s football is here to stay.”

Words from the mayor

“Málaga is a pioneering city for everything that has been done. The mayor’s work is spectacular, he is one more fan. I ask for your trust, as Loren said. It’s bonding time. All of us around us have to support. Speaking the people understand”.


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