Friday, September 22, 2023

Pellicer: “Effort is non-negotiable and people value that”

Sergio Pellicer He went to the press conference happy with the team’s victory, but also making it clear that there are still things to improve. “This is the path we have to set. The effort is non-negotiable and people value that,” he commented. The coach appreciated the good game played by his team and regretted this lack of forcefulness to close the match earlier.


“We have to give continuity to the atmosphere that is being created. I have to analyze the game to see the things we have to continue improving. The important thing is that the group gains confidence. It is important that at La Rosaleda we are strong. “That’s the way, to be strong at home.”

Feet on the ground

“Winning gives a lot of confidence, a lot of self-esteem. But you have to be balanced and know that there are many things to improve. The players know it. We have also seen many positive things. There are many things to analyze. You see a team in which the kids give everything, they don’t give up a ball. This is the path we have to set for ourselves. The effort is non-negotiable and people value that.”

Door to zero

“The team needed it. The opponent was also difficult. It is a category where until now there are more open matches. There are situations where equipment is unprotected. It is true that we need it to give us self-esteem.”

Positive streak

“There are three victories in a row. There are a lot of young people, with a lot of enthusiasm. We have to be very calm, balanced. That energy they have is wonderful. But this has just begun. They must continue that self-esteem and that confidence and, above all, that connection with the fans. Everything happens through here, through La Rosaleda. And I think that outside we are also going to be competitive.”

Changes in the eleven

“We have to get used to the changes. The squad is made up, especially in the midfield, with many quality players. They have to get used to the fact that there are no starters. We have to be a team, no one has to be on top of anyone. “I am delighted with Dani, as with everyone.”


“I think he has played the best minutes since he has been in Malaga. It is a question of regularity. I am very happy with the boys’ work. They are young and I think sometimes praise is debilitating. We have to be calm. It is a good version, from there it should go further. Not Kevin, everyone.”

Lack of forcefulness

“We want to see in the games what we work on during the week. The coach is never happy. We always want to improve. Offensively, the team is generating many chances. There hasn’t been so much generation in that finishing zone in a while. It’s getting a little harder for us to close out the games. Sometimes they come easy to us. We want to be daring and look for the opposite goal and that sometimes has a toll. We have to work and improve that. “Insist to find that balance without losing what we are having now in the finishing zone.”

Manu Molina

“It is a profile that gives a lot of calm, it has pause. It is going to help us a lot in the center of the field depending on the game and profile. It is evolving a lot, it has physical data similar to those it had in Zaragoza.”


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