Friday, March 24, 2023

Pellicer: “Anyone who doesn’t believe isn’t going to play”

Sergio Pellicer spoke in the press room in advance of the complicated match against the UD Las Palmas, category leader. The blue and white coach believes in salvation and assures that he perceives that his players too and “he who does not believe is not going to play”. “During the week you see things that make you believe, we can achieve it,” said the man from Castellón about the options of the Malaga CF to maintain the category.

Visit to Las Palmas

“It is a hard week. The victories and defeats last 24 hours, this one something more. We know it’s a complicated situation, but we’re going to fight. The week starts uneasily, one day we were together for almost 10 hours. We don’t stop, we are there. We saw a team that tried, we have to see the real focus of the last three games, we have been close to other results. We are focused on the game against Las Palmas, and then two games at home. If not, it will all be very apocalyptic. We won’t be okay on a roller coaster.”

rebel against adversity

“I stay in a bubble. I understand everything, but I’d rather be a crazy maverick. I understand people’s situation. Surely they give us few chances, as long as we have 1% we have to continue. I think the results are not consistent. In Granada we were in a game the other day, 11 against 11, it would have been difficult to lose. We have to fight with the commitment that we are seeing, we will fight until the end. These three games will be very important.”

word descent

“I’m not going to say that word. Everything is possible. If I didn’t feel it… I prefer that we be crazy, that we go to the front. We are trying, there are many hours of work. We are going to leave our lives. Right now it’s hard, but what we want to transmit is hunger, humility and belief. That we have to convey. We have to put our heads down, work and endure everything. Behind us there is a hobby, a shield, nobody can leave anything here. We know it’s football, we all have a very big responsibility, to fight until the end.”

confidence in salvation

“Whoever does not believe is not going to play. It is a moment to be in the group, to have that commitment. I think there have been very positive things between us this week. We are a team that can become a winner, we are not doing it. In football there are many cracks, I can have a perception and there is another abroad. What I see is good.”

permanence options

“We have a vision of dividing the 12 games into four blocks. We are anxious to win, any defeat is multiplied by a thousand. That dream that is there, and it is hard to dream. Many things happen in this category, everything will depend on us. We have to make a minimum of points. We see each game as a final. We have to measure our words a lot, we have to turn the unease around. During the week you see things that make you believe, we can do it. We have to put up with the downpour.”


“The classification already says it. They are possessors of the ball, they dominate all facets. They have taken steps forward. We have taken care to see its potential, but all teams have weaknesses. We have seen that in their stadium they have reaped two defeats. We have to take care of ourselves, be balanced. We have to have the ball in the areas where damage can be done. It will depend on our emotional balance. It is a team that will submit you for a long time. I hope we see our best version.”

team captaincy

“It’s an emotional state issue. Luis made a serious mistake. It’s to keep you calm. I am not here to generate conflicts, especially in this situation. I’m here to pour water on the fire, and I’m not getting it. Luis Muñoz is one of the captains, he expressed that he was having a hard time. We must take care of it”.


“He’s trained well, but you have to make decisions. There have been games in which I have had it on my mind to start, and in the end I have not done it. I’m happy with him. In half the games the plan has changed, you are left with one less, unfavorable situations… Perhaps I have been a little unfair”.


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