Thursday, June 8, 2023

Pellicer: “A team that is not a fighter does not achieve these results”

Sergio PellicerSerious and worried as usual in recent matches, he appeared in the press room after Málaga CF’s 2-0 victory against CD Mirandés, which prolongs the agony and suffering of possible relegation to Segunda B. However, and although Understanding the fans, the Castellón coach tried to defend his players above anything else.

«I understand everything perfectly because it is a complicated situation, but I want to reflect. After the Racing game, we have had 10 meetings with 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. If there is a team that is not a fighter, it does not get those results. We have 0.01% left to follow, we continue with that thread, but I understand that it is a victory in a very complicated match due to all the situations”, to which he qualified: “We all have to reflect because this hobby has been suffering a lot”.

However, his defense of the squad was absolute: «You have to put yourself in the shoes of the players.. Every game is a final and from the third day it already seemed like a final from the outside. It generates stress, limit situations that you have to know how to manage. It’s been a tough week, we’ve talked a lot in the locker room. I am clear about why we did not get the victory in Ponferrada. They have to be released. I think they have shown personality” and even stated: “I have to congratulate the players for the pride they have shown in a very difficult moment».

Despite how difficult Málaga CF’s future is in LaLiga SmartBank, Pellicer and his players are going to give their all for one simple reason: establishing the 23/24 team. “It is very important to end up competing like now. We have the experience of how the previous season ends and it is a slab. You have to do it to the max. It is the key to the next project. Thank the fans because a lot of people have come, they have to express themselves freelybut a team that is not a fighter would not have achieved these results.

About what happened in the previous duel he did not want to talk much. He only thanked the fans for expressing themselves freely, but the heads seem to be already in the match against Alavés and in that “minimum” because “in life, as in football, anything can happen and faith is the last thing that is lost.” «Cling to it, but with responsibility and not illusion because you have to keep your feet on the ground», he concluded.


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