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Pedro Acosta, the ‘shark’ who comes out fishing

You can look at the data, if you want. Or you can believe it blindly. Do as you please, but murcian Pedro Acosta, who has just been proclaimed Moto2 world champion in Malaysia, who already dominated Moto3 two years ago, when he became the youngest Spanish world champion in history, has, read it carefully, until Next year’s German Grand Prix to be the youngest driver to win a GP in the top category, something that Marc Márquez achieved in 2013, occupying the North American throne Freddie Spencer. Many, many, believe that the ‘Mazarrón shark’ will achieve it.

“Chulito Pedro? But what does he say! Pedro is kindness personified. A piece of blessed bread. Humble like few others, what happens is that he has the habit of suddenly saying what he thinks, what he It comes from his soul and not what people want. It has no evil But he is 19 years old! Don’t they see that he is a child!”

There are 20 minutes left until Pedro Acosta, father of Pedro Acosta, son of Pedro Acosta, grandson of Pedro Acosta, inshore fisherman, purse seine fisherman, blue fish fisherman, sardine fisherman, anchovy fisherman, mackerel fisherman, bonito fisherman and herring fisherman, will set sail with his boat. Peretujo’, the nickname of his grandfather, from the fishing port of Mazarron (Murcia), the place where, of course, the ‘Mazarrón shark’ lives, which is the smallest of the Pedro Acostas that exist, the pilot who has just been proclaimed new champion, sorry, two-time world champion, by winning the title of Moto2, two grand prizes before the end of the season (Qatar and Valencia).

A real phenomenon

To Pedro, 50 years old, and his wife Mercedes48, and her daughters Maria del Mar, 33 and Miriam, 25, the fact that the youngest of the family has revolutionized their world has them a little alarmed. Because they, until the ‘shark’ became the first rider in the 72-year history of the motorcycle World Championship to get on the podium in the first four races of his life, that is, in the debutant, in the rookie, in the most brutal ‘rookie’ that has ever existed (three victories and a second place in Moto3), changed their lives or, at the very least, their speech.

The fact is that Pedro explains that his little Pedro, the phenomenon, the ‘shark’, the very replica of Marc Márquez, another one like that!, did not like motorcycles. “I took him to the Cartagena circuit when he went with my motorcycle to do runs and he, at four years old, didn’t even pay attention to us.” One day Dad Pedro showed up at home with a 150 euro Chinese motorcycle! which he had bought to tempt his son. “And I bought it without knowing it, Mercedes.”

“Chulito my Pedro? But what does he say! Pedro is goodness personified. A piece of blessed bread”

Pedro Acosta – Father of the new two-time world motorcycling champion

When Pedrito, at 5 years old, came home from school and saw the motorcycle, his eyes lit up. And dad bought him a helmet. And he took him to a friend’s field, to walk around. After a long while, the little boy stopped in front of his father and said, “Dad, this motorcycle isn’t going well, it doesn’t stop bouncing.” “Come, come, pull and keep going,” Pedro, the great one, told him. But the boy stopped again soon after. “No, dad, it’s not going well.” Pedro looked at it and discovered that the chassis had broken in two. “What could you expect, it cost me 150 euros!”

After that mini-experience, the ‘shark’ stopped trusting motorcycles and dad signed him up for taekwondo. He only went to one class. On the day of his debut in taekwondo, Pedrito returned home too soon. “But what are you doing here, Pedrito?” His father told him. “Dad, I’m not going there to get hit, you can erase me now.” And he deleted it.

But a few weeks later, Dad took him back to the Cartagena circuit, just when Paco Mármol, the great ‘Pakote’, was launching his driving school. And the ‘shark’ decided to sign up. “When I saw that on the first day of class, all the children were playing with their knee on the ground, I told myself ‘my Pedro is never going to touch with his knee on the ground.’” ‘Pakote’ approached dad and told him “stay, in five laps, he is already touching his knees to the ground.” And so it happened. “All for you”the fisherman told Mármol, who was the one who turned it into the project it is.

Everything in the life of Pedro Acosta Jr., grandson and ‘shark’, has occurred at the speed he runs. It is not strange, then, that even Marc Márquez himself showed his admiration for the kid, as soon as he saw him debut in Moto3 with the self-confidence that he did. The judgment, the prognosis, of MM93 is shared by the entire World Cup paddock, to the point that, despite having Jack Miller and Brad Binder, everyone believes that KTM He only has one chance to win the big title and it is through Acosta.

“Pedro is a mix of all of them. All things from Valentino (Rossi), it has many details from Marc (Márquez), sometimes it reminds us of Casey (Stoner) but, above all, what he is is Pedro Acosta, something else, different,” he says. Jaime Alguersuariwho has even written a hilarious book about the ‘Mazarrón shark’.

The earliest two-time champions. EPC

Word of Alguersuari

“What do Márquez and Acosta have in common? Something very simple: they don’t know how to hide, there are no friends on the court while I’m risking my life. Of course, don’t worry: Pedro prefers that others kill themselves, he will never risk his life to win. He will take his time“, continues the founder of ‘Solo Moto’. “Pedro is a boa constrictor, capable of eating a crocodile bigger than her, but, yes, he won’t be so stupid as to go into the water to hunt it, no.”

The boy who has just become another of the two-time world champions who makes the jump to MotoGP (the last one was the ‘very brother’, Àlex Márquez), is in no rush to be champion, perhaps that is why it will be great for him to debut with a GasGas until you reach the official KTM. It is evident that in the Valencia test, two days after concluding the season in Cheste, the biggest attraction will, without a doubt, be Marc Márquez on the Ducati the ‘team’ Gresinibut the next protagonist, do not doubt it, will be Acosta on the GasGas of MotoGP.

There is a frightening fact that shows what Pedro Acosta’s appearance in the World Cup means: in 30 months, I repeat, 30 months! He has won two world titles (Moto3 and Moto2) with one hand, with an insulting superiority (for others) and has made the leap to MotoGP. Not even the best of the best, Marc Márquez Alentá, achieved that.


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