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Pedro Acosta profile: the ‘Shark of Mazarrón’ devours his second title before debuting in MotoGP

“Chulito Pedro? But what does he say! Pedro is goodness personified. A piece of blessed bread. Humble like few others, what happens is that he suddenly says what he thinks, not what people want. He has no evil whatsoever, but he is 16 years old! Don’t they see that he is a child!”

20 minutes left until Pedro Acosta, father of Pedro Acostason of Pedro Acosta, grandson of Pedro Acosta, inshore fisherman, seine fisher, bluefish fisherman, sardines, anchovies, aballa, bonito and herring, set sail with his boat ‘Peretujo’the nickname of his grandfather, fishing port of Mazarrón (Murcia), the place where he lives, of course, the ‘Mazarrón shark’, who is the smallest of the Pedro Acostas that exist, the 16-year-old pilot, World Cup leader Moto3, the revelation of 2021.

TO Pedro48 years old, and his wife Mercedes46, and her daughters Maria del Mar31 and Miriam, 23, the fact that the youngest of the family has revolutionized their world has them a little alarmed. Because they, until the ‘shark’ became the first pilot in 72 years of history World motorcycling championship that gets on the podium in the first four races of his career, that is, in the debutant, in the rookie, in the most brutal ‘rookie’ of those who have existed (three victories and a second place) has changed life or, at the very least, speech.

Pedro Acosta, on Dad Acosta’s fishing boat. THE NEWSPAPER

The fact is that Pedro explains that to his little Pedro, to the phenomenon, to the ‘shark’, to the replica of Marc Márquez, another one, he didn’t like motorcycles. “I took him to the Cartagena circuit when he went with my motorcycle to do runs and he, at four years old, didn’t even pay attention to us.” One day Pedro showed up at home with a 150 euro Chinese motorcycle! which he had bought to tempt his son. “And his mother bought it without knowing it.”

When Pedrito, at 5 years old, came home from school and saw the motorcycle, his eyes lit up. And dad bought him a helmet. And he took him to a friend’s field, to walk around. After a long while, the little boy stopped in front of his father and said, “Dad, this motorcycle isn’t going well, it doesn’t stop bouncing.” “Come, come, pull and keep going,” Pedro, the great one, told him. But the boy stopped again soon after. “No, dad, it’s not going well.” Pedro looked at it and discovered that the chassis had broken in two. “What could you expect, it cost me 150 euros!”

After that mini experience, the ‘shark’ stopped trusting motorcycles and dad signed him up for taekwondo. He only went to one class. On the day of his debut in taekwondo, Pedro Acosta returned home too soon. “But what are you doing here, Pedrito?” His father told him. “Dad, I’m not going there to get hit, you can erase me now.” And he erased him. And it was like.

But one day, dad took him back to the Cartagena circuit, just when Paco Marblethe great ‘Pakote’, launched its pilot school. And the ‘shark’ decided to sign up. “When I saw that on the first day of class, all the children were playing with their knee on the ground, I told myself ‘my Pedro is never going to touch with his knee on the ground.’” ‘Pakote’ approached dad and told him “stay, in five laps, he is already touching his knees on the ground.” And so it happened. “Everything for you,” the fisherman said to Mármol. Until today.


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