We have had a good start. Both us and Madrid have started very well and the signings bring a lot of things, as is being seen on the pitch.

I think it was a difficult season personally and collectively. It is true that we achieved the mid-season objectives, but personally it was difficult and it was not as I would like.


When injuries arrive you ask yourself many things, how they came about, what you can do to improve. I have changed things in my daily work and outside the sports city

I work a lot on the physique, I still have to improve, but little by little I am adding small ones. Dose in daily training. You can’t put so much day by day because of the busy schedule, but you can always improve.

“Against Bayern I missed chances that cannot be forgiven”

And in football, can you still improve?


Don’t believe me, I have a long way to go. Get more into the area, always make the right decision and work hard for the team, which is what the coaches ask me to do.

I mean, do you have to score more goals?

It is a pending task, against Bayern I missed occasions that cannot be forgiven and I work so that the next two go inside.


And he still has to score the first goal with the national team…

I really want to. I’ve played 12 games and I really want it to arrive, to contribute my grain of sand. If not, I want to give the maximum work and assists.

You don’t celebrate goals by dancing


He dedicated it to my father (simulating glasses), who has instilled football in me. Each one dedicate it to whoever you want.

Pedri celebrates the goals with a dedication to his father.


What did you think of all the controversy with Vinicius?

I do not want to get into controversies, let each one do what they consider without disrespecting others.


“Enjoying football is the key”

How does it take to be a leader?

I don’t consider myself a leader, I always try to get the job done day by day. Be calm and enjoy football, after all, if you enjoy playing this, things turn out better.

Is enjoyment the key to success?


When you think about what they will say, adversely to football, things are much worse for you than when you are happy and at ease. Things turn out much better and it shows day by day.

Do you perceive that this year they have a great pressure?

All teams are better, anyone can paint your face in any field. There is always pressure at Barça and the national team. You have to try to escape, be calm and enjoy.


Pedri dreams of the second star for Spain. RFEF


Do you have the ambition to win it all?

We have a good selection, a good team with Barça, we play football that I like and we can win titles. We will try. Hopefully it will be the end of the season and we will be fighting for everything.

“We have a team to win it all”

Is there equipment to get it?


I think so, here and at Barça we have a team for everything. We work so that at the end of the season we can win everything we play.

In the selection it favors them that they are not given as favorites for the World Cup?

Perhaps people don’t expect so much from us, they don’t see us as favorites, but inside we do see ourselves as favorites. We will not wear the medal of winning without doing anything. If we work as we should, the opportunity will come


Is the success of basketball in the Eurobasket a good example?

Yes, with young people, wanting to win and they saw what they were capable of. At home I enjoyed a lot, something similar can happen here.

Golden Ball

Do you dream of winning the Ballon d’Or?


I hope I have the opportunity to be, it is a very complicated award. You must be the best in the world, I have a lot to learn and improve so that this day can come.

Do you have a special chemistry with Lewandowski?

It’s crazy, he contributes a lot of goals, assists, a machine in the area. It is spectacular to work with him, he helps young people, those who enter now or have been there for more years. It suits us very well inside and outside.


From Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta we go to Busquets, Pedri, Gavi?

It’s crazy to compare ourselves with these people, Busi is in both and Xavi and Iniesta are crazy players, top for many years, both at Barça and in the national team they have made history. Both me and Gavi have a lot to learn from Busi and the people who teach us. Gavi has great potential to be with us for a long time.

“Alba and Piqué are cracks”

How do you manage the internal management in the locker room with two players of the weight of Piqué and Alba on the bench?


They are real cracks, they help us young people on a day-to-day basis, they give us advice about what they have experienced. In addition to their quality and that they can contribute a lot to the squad.

You have overcome a year of injuries and have returned to the top, have you given any advice to Ansu Fati?

Ansu has had a very hard and long injury, complicated. When you’re away you think a lot about it. He knows that he can come back, that he is training, that he has the qualities to be here, to get out. I have told him a lot, he has to be calm and work. Working as he works, it will be seen that he is a real crack.


Are we unfair to Ferran Torres?

I have had a long friendship with Ferran since we met, we laughed a lot. People talk a lot about him. He is confident and flying in training, he plays very well, he trains like the best, he works in the gym, his qualities are spectacular. eIn the national team he scores goals, assists, he can contribute a lot to us.

“Dembélé told us the day of the match that he was a father”

Let’s talk about Dembélé? That strange phenomenon.


Both inside and outside always surprises. We found out the same day of the game that he was a father… On the pitch with the ball he can do anything good, it’s crazy, very few in the world can do those things.

You always say that in the booth it’s fun

Yes, he is, he is always laughing, bringing happiness to the group. It’s crazy to have him and I hope he can be with us for many years


Is it possible with this Real Madrid?

Yes, if we do what we do, win and add three by three, the season is long. Everyone can leave points and why not? They can leave some, there is also a World Cup in between.