Friday, March 24, 2023

Pedrerol’s video analysis: “Didn’t Xavi know what pressure was before training Barça?”

The director and presenter of the night program ‘El Chiringuito’ and the midday sports news program ‘Jugones’, Josep Pedrerol, gives his opinion on the statements by Xavi Hernández in which he said that the “worst days of his life” have been spent as Barça coach. “Didn’t Xavi know what pressure was?”, “Playing for the best Barça in history didn’t mean pressure? Playing for the Spanish team didn’t mean pressure?” Pedrerol asks in his analysis.

These are some of the headlines from your analysis:

  • “Xavi’s words surprised me a lot, saying that he spent the worst days of his life as Barça coach. And I wonder, didn’t Xavi know what pressure was?”

  • “I understand that criticism is always difficult to take and that what annoys the most is that it affects your family. I can understand it, but has Xavi been criticized a lot?”

  • “Xavi’s balance has not been good, but there is hope. He knows what he wants, he knows what he is looking for and that is important. Recovering the DNA, that of the beautiful game, that of the brilliant game with successes that have not yet been achieved”

  • “Being a player is a different story. The player lives in a bubble. Being a coach is much more complicated and Xavi is experiencing that, but there are no reasons to complain”

  • “Xavi is being very careful by the press in Barcelona. He is respected, valued and admired. Also by the fans and by Laporta, who is already proposing the renewal”


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