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Pathan Film Review: Tie the seat belt or not… Pathan’s tension and action doesn’t let you get up from your seat

Shah Rukh Khan is making a comeback after a long break of four years. It is obvious that it is time for celebration for Badshah’s fans. Along with this, the Bollywood box office, which has been running dry for the last few years, is also eyeing Pathan. Does Pathan live up to the expectations of his fans and the box office? Read the review to know this.

It is shown in the film that after the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, there is an earthquake in the neighboring country. In such a situation, Pakistan takes the support of a hi-tech private terrorist gang ‘Outfit X’. The leader of this gang, Jim (John Abraham), was once a part of the Indian Intelligence Force, but the accident that happened to him forced him to hate the country. Jim’s aim is to create havoc in India through a virus. The Indian Intelligence Agency gets a clue of this intention of Jim and against him they stand their most capable agent Pathan (Shahrukh Khan). During this mission, Pathan meets Rubina Mohsin (Deepika Padukone). Who is Rubina? What is that virus that can destroy the country? What is the background story of Jim? And the most important question, does Pathan succeed in his mission? To answer all these questions, one has to approach the theatre.

Director Siddharth Anand Pathan, who has spread his action thriller in films like War, has brought it. The masala film you expect in this film of Siddharth is in abundance. Powerpacked action, exotic location, romance, comedy, dialogue baazi, patriotic emotions have proved to be completely worth the money for the film fans. When it comes to the combination of superstar and masala film, then it is not right to find logic in the story or sequence. In terms of story, of course, the side of the film is weak, but the kind of action and dialogues written, they completely cover these shortcomings.

The first half is definitely a bit long, but the hook point at which the interval has been placed makes you immediately wait for it to start again. In the second half of the story, you get so lost in the world of Pathan that sometimes you do not hesitate to whistle and clap. Believe me, in this film made in 2 hours 26 minutes, you get every emotion that a fan wants to see. After watching the entire film, one realizes that the makers have not cheated you but have given a gift to the loyal fans, which they desperately needed. Incredible work has been done on the action and VFX of the film. You will not be able to digest some action sequences, but they look so grand on the screen, seeing which your senses will fly away.

technical and music
The strong side of the film is its VFX, cinematography, action sequences and music. Be it Dubai, Paris, Afghanistan or Africa, Satchith Paulose’s cinematography shows the grandeur of the city and location in every frame. Pathan gives a larger than life feel on the screen. The songs of the film created a ruckus even before its release. Shameless colors and dances which fit perfectly during the filming scenes of Pathan songs. Music by Sachit and Ankit Balhara has done its work with utmost sincerity.

The background score of the film also acts as a fuel to increase the thrill and excitement during the film. For the perfection of Pathan’s action, adjustment of foreign and many domestic action trainers has been shown. His work is better than hundred percent. Not only are the locations of the film grand, but all its casts also look stylish. Shahrukh, Deepika stole the show in their first look itself, but the way the costumes and styling and detailing of all the cast have been worked, have to be praised. The styling of Mamta Anand, Niharika Jolly and Shaleena Nathani is amazing. The work that has been done on Shahrukh’s look and body, the hard work of his trainer Prashant Sawant is also clearly visible.

After four years, fans yearned to see superstar Shah Rukh Khan on screen. Shahrukh fully lives up to the expectations of the fans. Seeing Shahrukh, who specializes in emotions, in action is a surprise element for his fans. Shahrukh has fulfilled the definition of a perfect hero. His looking so handsome in this is icing on the cake. Whereas Deepika Padukone surprises. Along with being glamorous, Deepika was seen doing powerpack action, now she should explore action films. John Abraham has always been called a stylish actor. He has played as a villain and has maintained his same angry emotion throughout the film. Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana have done their work with utmost sincerity. His presence balances the film very well.

see why
Every element that a cinema lover wants is present in the film. How can anyone miss this film of Shahrukh Khan. Fans must go to watch the film for their superstar. There is full guarantee that Pathan will prove to be worth your money.


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