Friday, March 24, 2023

Paris-Nice: Pogacar leaves no crumbs to Vingegaard

Tadej Pogacar he sits at the bicycle table, devours all the dishes and then picks up the crumbs with his fingers until he leaves the tablecloth ready to put it in the washing machine. He doesn’t allow anyone to eat from his plate, least of all Jonas Vingegaard. Subduing him, showing him that what happened last year in the Tour was an accident, is more than just an objective for the intractable Slovenian cyclist, dressed in the same yellow color that will be drawn in July and the unquestionable leader of a Paris-Nice which ends this Sunday.

The Jumbo tried to put him in trouble: impossible. He serched David Gaudúinvited to lunch between the two top contenders for the next Tour, a demarcation against pogakaA: I had nothing to do. AND vingegaardwith many difficulties, he could only prepare the sprint so that pogacar he won his second stage, in the second summit finish of the French event to feel stronger and closer to adding his first victory to one of the pearls of the French calendar.

He already has two victories, leader almost by accident since Wednesday, the cyclist who did not care that the stage was suspended on Friday due to almost hurricane winds, and the one who saw 4 kilometers from the top of Couillole that vingegaard He was trying to set an ideal rhythm for him. It was then that he gave the first notice of him to leave alone, even if it was only for leadership, to display the stripes, although he hardly marked differences with his Danish rival.

pogacar, Gaudu (to the greater delight of the French fans) and vingegaard they stood alone at the top where the Dane was the first to launch a sprint that only served to make pogacar gain momentum, six seconds, the bonus with another 10 and the honor of winning the penultimate stage of Paris-Nice.

Of two combats seen so far in the mountains, pogakar has subjected without excessive problems to vingegaard. This Sunday the French test ends and there will no longer be an opportunity to see the couple again until July 1 in the city of Bilbao when the flag that will announce the birth of the Tour is lowered. AND pogakar wants to make it clear to vingegaardthat he is the best before trying to continue eating from a plate full of victories in Milan-San Remo and the Tour of Flanders, as the next objectives of the Slovenian phenomenon.


1. Tadej Pogacar (21.10.50 hours)

2. David Gaudu, 12 seconds away

3. Jonas Vingegaard, 58 seconds away

13. David de la Cruz, at 6.15 minutes.


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