Hollywood’s famous actress Paris Hilton has lost her dog Diamond Baby. Paris is very upset these days. By sharing the post on social media, he has told that his beloved Diamond Baby went missing last week. In such a situation, the actress is leaving no stone unturned to find ‘a dog like her daughter’.

Paris lost her dog


A few days ago, Paris Hilton shared a post about the loss of Dog. In this he wrote, ‘It is very difficult for me to talk about this, because I have lost my words.’ He further told how he lost his dog. Paris wrote, ‘I was doing a photoshoot and we are shifting home. I think some mover might have left some door open.

Detective kept to find

Describing the search for Diamond Baby, he further wrote, ‘My family and friends have scoured everything from top to bottom to find him. He has come from house to house asking neighbors. But we haven’t got air yet. We hired Pet Detective, Dog Whisperer and Pet Psychic. And soon we are going to take the help of drones to find dogs too. I am doing whatever I can to find him.


Big reward will be given to the one who finds the dog

Paris Hilton has also told about her condition. He wrote, ‘Whoever has loved and lost his stomach, he will definitely understand my pain. My heart is broken. My tears are not stopping. I am very sad and depressed. I feel like a part of me is lost somewhere. Nothing is the same here without him. Diamond baby is my everything. She is really like my daughter. It was impossible to separate us. She is my best friend and has always been with me.

Paris has also given her email address in her post. At the same time, she has promised that if someone returns her dog, she will give a big reward in return and will not ask any questions. Paris Hilton has three more dogs in addition to Diamond Baby, named Sliveington, Dollar and Marilyn Monroe.