Sunday, May 28, 2023

Paraguay’s cattle herd has decreased by one million head since 2014

The cattle herd in Paraguay maintains a figure of 13.2 million bovines, which means that it has decreased by one million heads systematically since 2014, according to figures provided by the National Service for Quality and Animal Health (Senacsa).

According to the latest Senacsa report, echoed by local media this weekend, the country registered a total of 333,700 tons of beef exports, exceeding the 326,698 tons exported in the entire previous year.

Shipments from January to December 2022 represent an increase of 2.09% compared to 2021.

Regarding foreign currency income, beef exports left more than US$1,722 million in 2022, an increase of 7.16% compared to the US$1,598 million of the same currency generated last season.

Exports of beef, offal and other products of animal origin reached the best figures in the last five years in 2022, generating revenues of more than US$2,197 million in the livestock sector.

Regarding the main export destinations for Paraguayan beef, Chile ranks first with 133,684 tons worth US$722 million.

In second place, Russia is positioned, with a total of 61,886 tons for a value of US$249 million, while in third place is Brazil with 39,357 tons for an amount of US$214 million.


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