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Panchayat’s ‘Vinod’ came to see the girls hostel on the pretext of audition, felt such a passion for acting that he became a millionaire in two days

After the second season of ‘Panchayat’ web series came out, ‘Dekh raha hai Vinod’ was covered all over the internet. There was a lot of humor in the world of people’s general conversation, commenting on social media and memes. The wonder of this popularity is that hardly anyone can forget the face of Ashok Pathak who played this character in the show.

Actor Ashok Pathak, who reached the stage of Sahitya Aaj Tak 2022, told in a special conversation that he had done the show just thinking that it was a small, lovely story. But when his memes became popular on social media, he realized how popular his character had become. Ashok also told that he had not always dreamed of becoming an actor, rather it was a happy accident.

Acting has connection with girls hostel
Ashok Pathak, who reached Lallantop Adda in Sahitya Aaj Tak in 2022, told that he felt the urge to act because of a mischievous act. Acting auditions were going on in his college and these auditions were going on in the common room of the girls hostel. Ashok told that a friend of his had to audition and asked him to accompany him. Ashok thought that let’s see how the girls hostel is like on the pretext of audition.

In further conversation, Ashok told that he was not selected in that audition, but from there he got hooked on acting. After this he decided to learn acting and started doing theatre.

became a millionaire in two days
You must have heard and read many stories of actors struggling after reaching Mumbai. Sometimes an actor did not have money to eat, and sometimes someone had to spend the night sleeping on the bench of the railway station. But Ashok told that he did not have to do any such thing after going to Mumbai from Bihar. Rather, he had reached with 40 thousand rupees in his pocket. Ashok says that ‘those 40 thousand never finished’.

Rather on the contrary, he had become a millionaire in the very first week of reaching Mumbai. Ashok told, ‘An ad offer was received and he said that 70 thousand rupees will be available per day, it was a two-day shoot. At first I could not believe that this could even happen. But did this add and got 1 lakh 40 thousand in two days. Our father was also shocked to hear this.

Ashok told that he never expected the popularity he got after becoming ‘Vinod’. Rather, he had worked thinking ‘Ek chhota sa show hai’. Another reason for Ashok to agree to this role was that he was getting a chance to work with Faizal Malik after 2013, who played Prahlad Chacha in ‘Panchayat’.

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