Friday, September 22, 2023

‘Palo’ de Loren to the Málaga CF environment: “There are battles that don’t contribute anything to the club”

In one of his last responses to the appearance he made this Wednesday at La Rosaleda, Loren Juarros did not hold his tongue when talking about his perception of those around Málaga CF. The sports director said that “There are battles that don’t contribute anything to the club” when he was asked about his feelings after spending several months in the city and at the club.

“With Málaga I am taking certain surprises, its reality is not the one it is in now. From the outside we perceived something bigger, more packaging, more unity among all. The fans are always there, they have shown it. The other day, 19,000 people, is relevant data. But being inside I perceive many internal wars. I don’t know if they are interests, philias, phobias… The feeling from the outside is that it is more than this. I have realized that it is a bit divided, battles that do not contribute anything to the club. Let’s see if we can all get together for an idea. The administration leaves its life for a situation that it has not sought. We have to achieve greater harmony between Malaga, the city, the province, the clubs… That has shocked me. Where there are problems, there are solutions. We all have to find a little more empathy to get out of this situation,” said Loren Juarros.

Reaction to the mayor’s words

The mayor’s latest statements have generated a lot of controversy on social media. Just after the match against Atleti B, where the blue and whites achieved an agonizing victory (2-1), De la Torre appeared on social networks to leave this message: “We have formidable fans. But the Malagadespite today’s victory, it is not so formidable. I wish the team the best, but the city and the province of Malaga deserve more. I still think that the current owners should sell and if not capital increase “. And already on Monday, in another public appearance, he reaffirmed himself in his words:” I wish them the best. I understand that it is difficult for us to look very high with this team, but now it is the one we have and My wish is that we can go up to Second with him”.

The mayor Francisco de la Torre, together with the judicial administrator, in the box of La Rosaleda. Alex Zea

Loren has been asked about these statements in the press room and has also left a message for the mayor. “I see the mayor making a lot of comments, including sports evaluations. Maximum respect for him as the highest authority in Malaga. That the public is formidable is clear to me. I also agree that a receivership is not the ideal situation. This was generated years ago, there is a property indicted… Regarding sports valuation, I don’t know who your advisers are, I would like to have a sports talk. The other day was the first game at home, we had the success. So we are going to win many games. I saw a tremendous communion, the celebration of the goal I think it represents something more than winning a game. I would ask the mayor to go along that line. I would like a little more affinity with what is being done, with what is being created. He’s free to make those comments, but it doesn’t help.”sentenced.


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