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PAK actor fed up with Shah Rukh Khan’s acting! Remembering Don 2 said- PAK actor was fed up with Shahrukh’s overacting! Said- k..k..k..ray has started

Pakistani actor Ali Khan called Shahrukh Khan an overactor during a podcast. Ali Khan said that during the shooting of Don 2, Shahrukh had gone into the zone of K..K..Kiran. Ali was very angry about this, but later he understood why this was done.

Ali Khan is of British origin, but has been very active in the film industry of Pakistan and India. Ali Khan, who recently joined the podcast of Pakistani artist Nadir Ali, made several revelations. Ali has worked with Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2. Sharing his experience with Bollywood’s King Khan, Ali said that I felt very strange when I saw that Shahrukh had suddenly gone into the 90s zone.

Ali found Shahrukh to be an overactor

Ali said- We were shooting for Don 2 in Berlin. Shahrukh came there after shooting Ra-One in London. In India, just like abroad, a call sheet is assigned to each actor. It is obvious that Shahrukh was given the number one call. Ali said- I was present on the set in the bitter cold of November. Then it was announced on the walkie talkie, number 1 has arrived. But number 1 did not come on the set but on the base made at some distance.

Ali further told that since Shah Rukh had come only then and he had to have lunch, a rehearsal had to be done before that. My scene was with Shah Rukh, so I had memorized my lines. Shahrukh had already come from a shoot, so he was reading the script only then. Farhan Akhtar, the director of Don, me and Shah Rukh gathered with the rest of the team. Then Shahrukh said – We have to settle it quickly because I am hungry. He hugged me, asked me how I was and we sat down.

Who is Don?

Ali said- When we started shooting for the scene, Shahrukh himself added a line in the last while speaking. And I saw that Farhan shook his head. When it was over, Farhan stopped and said to Shahrukh – Shah, should I make a request to you? Delete the line which you have added in the last. Speak as it is in the script. On this Shahrukh said – Hey brother, who is the don? Is it Shahrukh Khan? Public wants to see Shahrukh Khan. Don’t worry.

Ali upset

Ali said – Then I took Farhan to the side and said – Now your number one has come, the edit is in your hand, let him do whatever he wants to do. When we shot the scene, Shahrukh said that line in a different way, so I looked at Farhan and gestured – Farhan bata isko, yeh to k..k..k..Kiran kar raha hai. Which school have we come to brother? Either we play in that 90s school, or in today’s modern era. Why this overacting?

Ali told in the podcast that after the release of the film, I realized that he is Shah Rukh Khan from a region. He knows his audience. The persona he has created over the years, the public wants only that and if the public does not get that in the theatre, then they will feel cheated. While telling in the podcast, Ali called Shahrukh as super intelligent. He said that I could not understand then, but later came to know the real motive.


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