Thursday, November 30, 2023

Pablo Aguilar reveals the reason for the elimination of Cruz Azul in the semifinal against Pumas in 2020

One of the most remembered “cruzazuleadas” of recent years was the comeback of cougars in the semifinal of guardians 2020and about this party, Pablo Aguilar He revealed the details within the club of that painful elimination for all the followers of the machine.

Blue Cross He reached the second leg of that semifinal with an advantage of four goals to zero and in that game, the cats turned it around, thus costing the job to Robert Dante Siboldi as a coach.

Now almost three years after that event, Pablo Aguilar in an interview with Miguel Ángel Briseño revealed that the approach was modified half an hour before the match began.

Seconds after that statement, the defender explained that it was a executive the one who came down to give that order to change the approach, for which he exonerated Siboldi from that elimination.

Although the player did not give the name of the manager, the fans have already drawn their conclusions pointing to Jaime Ordiales from this act, so the insults towards the manager did not wait on social networks.

That match will go down in history as one of the darkest chapters for Cruz Azul and a glorious night for the Pumas.


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