Sunday, December 10, 2023

Outrage over the macho insults to a 13-year-old goalkeeper in Malaga

A father has denounced on social networks the insults he had to support his daughter Carla, 13 years old and goalkeeper of the Alhaurín de la Torre teamfrom their rivals last Sunday during a children’s fifth grade soccer match in Malaga.

Carla plays in a mixed team where she is the only girl and they treat her as “one more of the team” and it was on a visit to another soccer field where she had to put up with sexist insults from other minorshis father has recounted, Victor Baena.

Last Sunday, at 3:00 p.m., his team faced the Mortadelo Sports Union, and the game went on “totally normal, without the slightest incident”, until once it was over they entered the locker roomyes, he has affirmed.

As they approached the locker room exit to pick up the children, a classmate of his daughter came out “super angry” saying that they were “going too far” with Carla and the members of the rival team were insulting her, something that apparently was “during the entire match“, to the point that she came to think of” asking for the change and stop playing “.

I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Today I have lived one of the most outrageous days, unacceptable but above all SAD… of my…

published by Victor Baena in Sunday, April 23, 2023

Baena has assured that the coach of the other team addressed him “with a defiant and cocky attitude” and told him: “Look, calm down, that’s It is what you are going to have to eat in all fieldsthat they say those things to your daughter”, which led to an argument between the two.

The delegate and the coach of the Alhaurin de la Torre then indicated that the arbitrator was going to add an annex to the minutes mentioning what happened, so they decided to leave.

In his message, which has been shared by more than 2,400 users, the father of the minor has confessed his indignation and sadness of having seen his daughter’s face when he asked her “why did they say those things to her if she only wants to play the sport that she loves madly”.

Given what happened, the team Carla, Alhaurin de la Torre CFhas expressed his support on Facebook for the player: “Cheer up Carla, your club is very proud of you and we want you to continue enjoying this sport with us for many years to come!, adding that “values ​​and education are above all else”.

Cheer up Carla, your club is very proud of you and we want you to continue enjoying this sport with us for many years to come!! ️ VALUES AND EDUCATION ARE ABOVE EVERYTHING 💙⚽️

published by Alhaurin de la Torre CF in Sunday, April 23, 2023

For his part, Mortadelo Sports Union has released a statement on this same social network in which it regretted the events that occurred in the partyhas condemned “all types of violent and offensive behavior towards anyone”, and has warned that “will not tolerate that they go unpunished“.

For this reason, it has opened an investigation to “debug responsibilities” and has apologized to the people affected.


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