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Oracle opens a new call for ONE that seeks to integrate women into the ICT industry

The history of humanity is full of brave women who decided to break down the barriers that prevented them from entering a world where their role had traditionally been excluded, laying the foundations so that today, industries in which the male figure has prevailed have among their ranks great professional women leading important organizations in the country.

Despite these advances, large gender gaps and institutional barriers that hinder gender equality continue to be observed, even in sectors such as programming, where women were pioneers. In fact, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), only 3% of university students in the world choose to study in the field of technology.

In this scenario, the technological multinational Oracle opened registrations for Oracle Next Education (ONE), a free training and social inclusion program for people over 18 who are not currently working or studying. For this new opportunity, it invites women to join the digital world that is increasingly in demand.

“Programs like ONE are a reflection of our commitment to reduce digital gaps and promote female participation in the technology industry, because we know that it allows them to improve their environments, optimize the productivity of the companies in which they work and provide a new and necessary perspective for innovation and the advancement of the sector”, assured the general manager of Oracle Caribe, Alfonso López.

Women improve the productivity of organizations

The efforts of various sectors that seek to close the gender gap in the labor field and specifically in the technology sector aim to urgently fill the lack of talent given the rapid digitization that is reaching industries.

According to an investigation released by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (MEPyD) at the end of 2022, 40% of Dominican companies indicated difficulties in finding qualified personnel in basic knowledge of information and communication technologies (ICT). .

In this context of talent deficit, the training of women in digital skills is a great opportunity, especially since this is an underrepresented population in the labor market. In the case of the Dominican Republic, according to figures provided by the National Statistics Office (ONE), only 39% of the positions in that area are held by women.

Women with more education improve their personal environments

Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors, where people find great job and salary opportunities. However, they are benefits only a few people enjoy due to a lack of trained talent and low diversity within the industry.

According to data from the National Statistics Office (ONE) in the Dominican Republic, women represent 64% of enrollment in Higher Education Institutions; however, 47% of women have fewer job opportunities compared to men and 7% of women have lower salaries than their male counterparts.

For this reason, programs such as ONE seek to contribute to female empowerment, opening new doors for professional growth and economic independence. The program offers them knowledge and tools that open their job and entrepreneurship opportunities, through technology as a development enabler.

Women offer a new perspective for innovation

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to develop programs, create connections, understanding and trust between different stakeholders to inspire more women to join ICT careers, especially when skills in these areas will be necessary in the jobs of the future.

It is no secret to anyone that the talent of women contributes to generating diversity, quality and competitiveness in the educational system and in the labor market, which is why it is so important that companies in the sector continue to promote initiatives that boost their knowledge and experience. Digital transformation in the world is consolidated as an opportunity for ICT talent, including women.

So far, 16% of ONE participants in the Caribbean have been women. For this reason, Oracle intends to be a bridge and connect more women to this world, encouraging their participation, reducing access barriers and increasing their opportunities in the sector.

“We are committed to promoting more women to train in these careers. A woman in technology triggers a multiplier effect that benefits her professional growth, allowing her to considerably increase her salary, improve her quality of life and that of her families, and have a positive impact on our economy”, Amanda Gelumbauskas, Oracle Next Education leader Oracle Latin America .

Registration will be open from March 1 to 27, 2023. To apply, the participant must access the program website, verify the prerequisites and complete the online form at the Web page.

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