Friday, March 24, 2023

OPPO Zero-Power Tag: we tell you in depth how the smart tag that captures energy from the environment works

Lithium is vital. Most of today’s portable electronic devices rely on batteries for their power source. And generally these batteries are made of lithium.

That, speaking of the most modern batteries, since the use of this material is part of a long path of improvements and innovations over the years. The current battle is which battery provides more mAh, mainly in smartphones, thinking of a longer duration. But apparently, Oppo has gone further with a milestone that seems like science fiction: a device without a battery, which uses the energy around it.


Zero-Power: How does it work?

Zero-Power Communication technology eliminates the need for batteries. Said affirmation, exposed in the presentation of Oppo in the MWC of Barcelona this week left us stunned. How does it work? The technology is capable of collecting and transforming ambient radiofrequency energy from its environment, which will result in very compact, more efficient and low-cost equipment.

OPPO has shown Zero-Power Tag, the first device prototype based on OPPO Zero-Power Communication technology. Through the pickup of radio frequency signals, backscattering and low-power computing, Zero-Power Tag picks up radio waves from the surrounding area to power its own functionality and communicate without a battery.

This “tag” like other devices from other brands, is used to locate objects to which you hang it. But for the first time it is “without battery”.

Could this technology be applied in the near future to cell phones? Would be wonderful.


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