Friday, December 9, 2022

OPINION| BCCI wakes up now… Selectors fall, ‘Pandya era’ will rule

After the Indian cricket team failed to reach the final of the T20 World Cup, the Cricket Board of India (BCCI) first turned its attention to the selectors. The board showed the way out to the four-member national selection committee headed by Chetan Sharma, exactly eight days after the humiliating semi-final defeat at the hands of England. That is, the first crackdown on the selectors for this crushing defeat of Team India, which will never be forgotten in Australia. After this tough decision of BCCI, it can be believed that this is the first step towards deciding the ‘roadmap’ of the 2024 T20 World Cup.

The smell of radical change in Team India

The buzz of radical change in Team India is also in full swing. Captain Rohit Sharma himself is on target. There is talk of showing him the way out for this popular short format. Efforts are being made to make Hardik Pandya the new T20 captain of India. Young players are going to be the first choice, who have the ability to exert power with their juggling act on the field. Acting captain Pandya himself has said just before the start of the current New Zealand tour that the roadmap for the 2024 T20 World Cup has started and many players will be given a chance to stake their claim for a place in the team. Obviously, there will be a lot of changes in the Indian team in the coming times. Along with this, many big players will be sent.

The selectors played their part half-heartedly

Steps were taken towards change in Indian cricket only when words of criticism started emerging everywhere. The truth is that the selectors fulfilled their responsibility half-heartedly. The question arises whether the selectors ever honestly selected teams for important events..? During the tenure of Chetan Sharma, the Indian team could not reach the knockout stage of the T20 World Cup played in 2021. Apart from this, she also lost in the final of the World Test Championship. Not only this, in the Super-4 of the Asia Cup itself, Team India’s sack-bed was tied.

Dravid sir was given a free team, then what happened?

The team management always got the team it wanted, then why such a disappointing departure from T20 World Cup-2022..? Head coach Rahul Dravid got a full year. During this period, apart from many big experiments in the bilateral series, he showed a verve of workload management. The fans of Team India felt that the team is moving forward under a special strategy. But when 15 probables were selected for the T20 World Cup, the result showed a cipher (zero). There was not a single new and exciting selection in the squad. That is, all the experiments were left behind.

The selection committee probably didn’t make up its mind

The selectors provided Dravid sir the team he wanted. The selection committee probably didn’t apply their mind and went on doing as they were told. The matter of check and balance was not seen at all. The limit was reached when the team was announced for the T20 World Cup New Zealand tour. Didn’t even think that the attention of the players could be distracted by this. The tournament was to end on 13 November and the New Zealand tour was scheduled from 18 November. Even then there were five days left for the announcement of the team… But the important matches of the World Cup could not be waited for and the selectors completed their routine work and shirked their responsibilities.

… BCCI towards revolutionary change

Well… the board has woken up belatedly. Wherever there is a problem, it has been looked into. BCCI is moving towards revolutionary change especially for T20 format. The tenure of a senior national selector is usually four years and it can be extended even further, but the board has already sent a strong message by sacking the national selection committee. Now it can be considered that big players… big records do not work and on this basis the player cannot remain in the team.

Ashwin told the next generation – Best of luck!

Overall, now it can be said that what is the use of experience in T20 format..? During fast cricket, reversal can happen in a moment. In such a situation, only the enthusiasm and passion of the players will be useful. Ravichandran Ashwin even said during a program that the preparations for the 2024 T20 World Cup have started. He has given best wishes to the next generation… That means now there will be no player like him in the team.

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