Thursday, September 21, 2023

Opera introduces emoji-based web addresses

The Navigator Opera has enabled emoji-based web addresses, which will allow users to browse the Internet by entering a string of emojis in the URL bar instead of letters and words.

The company has announced an agreement with Yat to integrate this emoji system in its browsers for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Opera’s EVP Mobile, Jorgen Arnesen, assures that this “marks an important paradigm shift in the way the Internet works”, as stated in a statement.

Opera introduces emoji-based web addresses

Thus, instead of typing numerous alphanumeric characters in a URL, Opera users will now be able to express themselves in another way on the web. Furthermore, Yat emoji web addresses in Opera will no longer need to be followed by ‘’, and embedded emojis now automatically link to the corresponding Yat page.

This integration makes it easy for anyone on the Internet to find and be directed to Yat pages. Users can also customize their Yat page or redirect it elsewhere on the web.


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