Sunday, December 10, 2023

OpenAI releases ChatGPT app for iOS, but not worldwide

As soon as ChatGPT became popular —already since the previous year— OpenAI redoubled efforts to develop an app for mobile devices. Although it is possible to access the chatbot from the web, the company knows that the native experience will always be preferred by users. After several months, they have finally released the ChatGPT app for iOS. The bad news, however, is that not available worldwide.

“Since the launch of ChatGPT, we have heard from users that they would love to use ChatGPT on their mobile. Today we are launching the ChatGPT app for iOS.”

Open AI.

For now, the ChatGPT app for iOS is only available for download in the United States. However, those responsible for it warn that, in a short time, it will expand to other countries. If you reside in the North American country, you can now access the App Store and download it for free.


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