Thursday, June 8, 2023

Open conversations with Rubén Castro, Yáñez and Lago Junior

Kike Pérez and Loren Juarros, during their presentation.

Kike Pérez and Loren Juarros, during their presentation.
Alex Zea

Kike Pérez commented on Tuesday that he had maintained contact with three footballers from the first team of those who are free after relegation, and during the presentation of Loren Juarros as sports director he confirmed that they are Rubén Castro, Yáñez and Lago Junior. In addition to the players who will continue to be linked -Manolo Reina, Juande, Ramón and Genaro-These would be the three pieces that could remain in the squad, but the will of the players and the possible economic ones will be decisive.

“The names are those. It will be Loren who makes the decision. Someone has knocked on the door and with another we have started to talk because it was corroborated. Sergio and Loren will give that final step to the decisions”, said Kike Pérez.

“The club is open. They have not put any trouble on us. If we were determined because they interest us or we don’t find substitutes, we’ll see. Within some parameters. We have to talk to them.”added Loren Juarros, sports director, about the possible continuity of Lago Junior, Rubén Castro and Yáñez.


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