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‘Only Hindus allowed inside campus’, who is actress Amala Paul, who was stopped?

Famous South Cinema actress Amala Paul was stopped from entering a temple. The actress has alleged that she was refused entry by the authorities at the Tiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple in Ernakulam, Kerala. Amala Paul alleges that this has been done to her due to ‘religious discrimination’.

Amala Paul did not get entry in the temple

Amala Paul had reached the temple on Monday to visit, but the temple officials refused to visit her. It is being told that the actress was stopped from entering the temple citing customs. He was told that only Hindus are allowed inside the temple premises.

Amala Paul claims that due to non-availability of entry in the temple, she had to stand on the road in front of the temple and take a glimpse of the goddess. The actress shared her experience in the visitor’s register of the temple. He wrote – Even without seeing the Goddess, he felt the soul.

The actress also wrote – It is very sad and disappointing that even in 2023, religious discrimination still exists. I could not go near the Goddess, but could feel her even from a distance. I hope there will be a change in religious discrimination soon. The time will also come when all of us will be treated equally, not on the basis of religion.

officials said this

On this matter, the officials associated with the temple administration say that they only followed the rules of the temple. Temple Trust Secretary Prasoon Kumar said that it is not that Hindu followers of other religions are not coming to the temple. But no one knows that when a celebrity comes there is a lot of controversy.

Who is Amala Paul?
Amala Paul is a famous actress from South. She has also worked as a model and producer. Amala Paul is mainly seen in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films. He made his acting debut with the Malayalam film Neelathamara.

Amala Paul has also appeared in the Hindi web series ‘Ranjeesh Hi Sahi’. It was produced by Mahesh Bhatt. She was seen in the role of Aamna Parvez in the series. Her character was inspired by the life of actress Parveen Babi.


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