Monday, December 4, 2023

OnePlus Open could be delayed due to patent battle between Nokia and OPPO

The long-awaited launch of OnePlus Open, the brand’s innovative foldable phone, could face another hurdle before reaching the market. As users eagerly await the debut of this device, it is rumored that its launch has been delayed due to more than one reason.

Initially scheduled to launch in August, the OnePlus Open had already experienced a delay due to a last-minute screen replacement issue, which led to the need to swap BOE panels for Samsung screens.

However, according to the latest news leaked by insider Yogesh Brar, this is not the only reason behind the delay, with Nokia and OPPO behind the matter.

What do Nokia and OPPO have to do with the delay?

According to Android Authority, it has been claimed that the ongoing legal dispute between OPPO and Nokia in the field of patents has also contributed to the delay of the OnePlus Open.

The legal dispute between these two technology companies dates back to 2021, when negotiations to renew the terms of a license agreement between Nokia and OPPO failed. This conflict has led to the suspension of sales of OnePlus devices and other OPPO products in Germany.

Also, in a further setback for OPPO, last month Nokia obtained a ruling in its favor in India in a similar patent infringement case. As a result, OPPO was forced to pay license fees to Nokia for phones sold in the country. And with the OnePlus Open on the launch line, OPPO has considerable incentive to settle these legal disputes before the foldable phone hits the market.

OnePlus Open

OnePlus’ silence on the OnePlus Open, after revealing the phone’s name on a social media platform, has kept fans on their toes. However, a September launch is looking increasingly unlikely, with speculation that it could be extended until early October.


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