Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One step to the final after defeating Milan

AC Milan could not take home advantage in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League second semi-final. On this day, Inter Milan beat the hosts by a margin of 2-0 and put one foot in the final. Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored one goal each for the team in the match.

As a result of this victory, Inter Milan’s road to play the title deciding match for the first time became easier. Inter won’t have any problem even if they lose by one goal or a draw in the second leg match at home. On the other hand, AC Milan must win by at least three goals to reach the final.

In the match held at San Siro, the host AC Milan was ahead in possession of the ball. But Inter was more in attack. Milan’s footballers kept the ball under their control for 58 percent of the entire match. And only two total shots were taken along the opponent’s goal. But did not see the goal.

On the other hand, Inter Milan footballers managed to keep the ball for 42 percent of the entire match. And Milan managed to take a total of five shots along the goal. That’s two goals.

On this day, Inter scored two goals in the 11th minute of the match. Edin Dzeko scored the first goal in the 8th minute. Mkhitaryan scored the second goal three minutes later. No more goals in the first half. Inter won 2-0 if there were no more goals in the second half.

(11 May/MM)


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