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One more! These are the Mexicans who have descended playing in Europe

Soccer is plagued with many memorable and joyful moments that make you fall in love with the sport, but it also has some in which joy was left aside and everything was overshadowed by sadness and helplessness. The decline is one of the saddest cases within the football and unfortunately many mexicans They have had to suffer it in European competitions.

Recently, one of the compatriots affected by this situation is Johan Vasquezwho else than dream Europeanhas lived a nightmare, having two consecutive declines in the A series. The first of these was the recent arrival of him with the Genoa where despite his good performances he could not avoid losing the category and later the cremonese he would notice him and add him to his ranks to have the same finish as his first team in the league.

one of the footballers aztecs who have been most affected by the decline is Guillermo Ochoa. The goalkeeper has had to watch his team move to a lower division on two occasions due to poor results. The first time he experienced it was in the season 2013/14When I played for him Ajaccio and the second was with the colors of the Granada in 2016/17.

Another of the big names that surprisingly had a bitter pill was Hugo Sanchezthe renowned striker Mexican He lived gray days when I wore the shirt of the Vallecano Ray and in 1993 fell to the second Spanish division

Some others who have not had a good time The leaguewere: Andres Guardado who had a bad time 2010 season when he was part of the ranks of the Deportivo la Coruñato him is added Giovanni Dos Santos who tried his luck in Majorca in the year 2012 and could not with the pressure of relegation.

Paul Barrera he suffered in the same way when he arrived at the Westham and in 2010 he ended up suffering a hard blow and losing the category. A year earlier, in Italy, Miguel Layun saw the same luck, but he, being part of the team of the Atalanta.

More recently, in 2015, Raul Gudino with the Uniao Madeira he couldn’t do what was necessary to support his team and became one more victim. Besides, Antonio Brisenoin 2018had the same ending playing for him feirense.

Finally, Santiago Naveda with the Miedz Legnica He had a very bad season and this same year he went to decline. Cesar Montes It’s one of the mexicans that upon his recent arrival he already has to experience this hard blow at the hands of his team, the Spanishthe defender did his best in the most recent game, but this was not enough and they leave the maximum circuit.


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