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Once drove a tempo, girlfriend placed a condition and became IPS, now the story of that person will be seen on screen

You must have heard that song, ‘Thukra Ke Mera Pyaar Mera Intekaam Dekhegi…’. The story is similar here too, but there is a slight twist. There the hero became IAS after being cheated in love, here he has prepared for IAS after falling in love and has shown it by making a name. Not only this, now a film is also being made on it. Renowned director Vidhu Vinod Chopra is making this film.

Vidhu, who has made classic and cult films like Parinda, 1942: A Love Story, Mission Kashmir, is going to make a film inspired by the real life story of IAS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma. The name of this movie is 12th Fail. Haseen Dilruba fame Vikrant Massey has been signed for the film. Vidhu told that he had read this story in Anurag Pathak’s novel. According to Vidhu, this will not be a biography, but a film that will show the power of a person to do something. Most of the shooting of the film has been done in Mukherjee Nagar only. From where Manoj Sharma also studied UPSC in his days.

Who is Manoj Kumar Sharma
But do you know, who is Manoj Kumar Sharma whose life inspired story of this film is being told. The story of Manoj Sharma is truly an example for the people. It is said that Manoj Sharma had passed class 9th, 10th and 11th by copying, but failed in class 12th because he could not get a chance to copy there. An SDM of the area was keeping an eye on the school. He got tight security and did not allow copying. Manoj Sharma could then understand that SDM is a very powerful man, whom everyone believes. Manoj decided that he has to become equally strong.

12th fail manoj drove tempo
In an interview, Manoj told that after failing in class 12, he had to drive a tempo to survive. One day his tempo was caught, so he went to the SDM, so that he could ask them to release it. But this could not happen with Manoj. Instead, he asked the SDM how did you prepare without telling about your studies. Manoj, a resident of Morena in Madhya Pradesh, came to Gwalior after this. But there was no house to live, no food to eat. So Manoj used to sleep near beggars. Then somehow he got a job as a peon with a librarian.

Manoj’s interest in studies increased from here. Along with giving water to the people, he used to listen to the program that was going on here. Read the books kept in the library. He read about poems like Abraham Lincoln, Gorky and Muktibodh here. But the 12th fail stamp did not leave him behind. Despite continuing to study, Manoj used to feel sorry for failing in 12th. Manoj had a girlfriend, he was afraid to even tell her about his heart, lest she leave him. So started studying again.

Love gave victory in studies
After this Manoj came to Delhi. But money was needed, so he did the work of walking people’s dogs for 400 rupees. But simultaneously started preparing for UPSC. Manoj pre-passed in the first attempt, but failed in the remaining attempts because love came in the way. After this, I was able to clear the pre in the fourth time and went to give the mains. Manoj told here that he failed twice because of love and passed the fourth time also because of love. Because the girl whom Manoj loved, he told her that if she says yes, then I can turn the world around. After this Manoj got victory in love as well as in studies and he became IPS.


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