Tuesday, September 26, 2023

OMSA presents image of buses that will form part of the unified transportation system

The Metropolitan Bus Services Office (OMSA) presented the graphic line of its buses that will form part of the unified transportation system.

This design will be carried by the buses of the corridors that will have a single rate with the Los Alcarrizos cable car and the Metro stop at km 9 of the Duarte Highway.

The graphic line presents a more minimalist logo, keeping the current green color, but adding a blue tone and white stripes, without the presence of the image of the bus.

The presentation was made during the inauguration of the Cable Car in Los Alcarrizos, on the morning of this Monday, May 1.

During the event, the general director of the transport entity, Radhamés González, explained that with the inauguration of the Cable Car, the OMSA will enable two routes with a unified rate: corridor 27B, which will start at the entrance of Los Alcarrizos, will take Extension 27 de Febrero at KM 13 of the Duarte Highway and will return in the so-called Huacalito, and a provisional corridor to the Metro stop at KM 9 of La Duarte.

In other words, on both routes the passenger will be able to board the buses, the cable cars and the Metro, with a single ticket, which will be made with a savings and credit card, or the Cable Car and Metro card itself.

It is recalled that at this time the transport entity is preparing to become a public company, assuming the name of Metropolitan Bus Services Operator (OMSA).

This in light of the announcement that was made on April 25, of the decree issued by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, which establishes the criteria for the transformation of OMSA into a public company, in accordance with the provisions of article 356 of the Law 63-17, of Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety of the Dominican Republic.


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