Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Olmecas de Tabasco takes the victory against Leones de Yucatán

The Olmecs of Tabasco managed to turn the score around in the last game of the series against the Yucatan Lions, thanks to consecutive home runs from Jesse Castillo and Maikel Serrano in the eighth episode.

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Despite the initial advantage of the lions, Jorge Rondon failed to stop the attack Olmecs and allowed the visit to take the victory by 6 runs to 5. The Sinaloan umpire Julissa Iriarte Félix’s debut was one of the highlights of the match at the “Kukulcán Álamo” Park.

The eighth inning was decisive for the Olmecswho managed to break the four-run tie with four-cornered hits from Castle and Serrano. The unstable Rondón could not contain the attack of his rivals and allowed the victory to slip out of the hands of the Lions. For his part, the opener Hector Velazquez He did not have an outstanding performance and was relieved by Christian Prado in the third inning.

Even though the Lions took the lead in the third inning on a wheelie run by Art Charles, they could no longer increase their lead. In the seventh inning, the locals tried to overcome the score, but had no luck. Yadir Drake he hit a double in that inning, marking his 500th hit in the Mexican League, but failed to drive in any runs.

The Olmecs from Tabasco managed to turn the score around thanks to their home runs in the eighth inning, while the Yucatan Lions they were unable to hold their early lead.


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