Friday, December 8, 2023

O2 launches a free cloud storage service and launches a new mobile rate

O2, owned by Telefónica, is announcing a series of new features for its new and existing customers. One of them is O2 Clouda new cloud service to store photos, images or files for free and, therefore, free up space on your smartphone. Also a new mobile-only rate.

O2 Cloud, in particular, offers 500 GB free so that users can store content in the cloud through an application available on both iOS and Android. It is, in fact, an app independent of the official O2 app that allows you to manage the line or view call and mobile data consumption. It is also possible to access O2 Cloud from any browser, through the website enabled for this purpose.

The operator states that It is possible to create an O2 Cloud account for each contracted mobile line. Therefore, if a holder has, for example, two lines, he can create two accounts with 500 GB each. To create an account, simply download the app and register using the phone number associated with O2. Afterwards, it will be necessary to associate an email address and accept gallery access permissions in order to upload the content.

In case the user changes operator, You will be automatically unsubscribed from the service once you port or cancel the line. After this, you will have 30 days to export all your files from the cloud before the information is completely deleted. On the other hand, if the user is part of Movistar Cloud and moves to O2 Cloud, they must also export their files from the Movistar cloud storage service and, subsequently, import them into O2’s cloud storage service.

O2 launches new mobile-only rate

In parallel, O2 has launched a new mobile-only rate that joins the two already available from the operator. Now, users can have 75GB of mobile data and unlimited calls for 15 euros per month. O2, remember, also has a rate with 150GB and unlimited calls for 20 euros, as well as a cheaper one with 20 GB of data and unlimited calls for 10 euros per month.

Finally, O2 has announced that existing and new customers can now subscribe to Movistar Plus+ for 2 euros less a month. Therefore, they will pay 12 euros per month instead of the 14 euros per month that the service costs. To register and get that discount of two euros per month it is necessary to access the company’s website.

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