Monday, December 11, 2023

O2 destroys its competition: its new rate gives more gigs than anyone else for the same price

O2, owned by Telefónica, is improving the mobile rate for some users with 50GB more for the same priceas confirmed by the company itself through an informative email to which it has had access Hypertextual. The improvement, specifically, is being applied to those customers who have contracted the 100GB plan for 20 euros per month.

With this change, therefore, the most powerful O2 rate now has 150GB with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles for a price of 20 euros per month. The operator also has a cheaper mobile rate, in which they offer 20 GB of mobile data and unlimited calls for 10 euros per month. At the moment, it is unknown if this rate also improves with more free GB.

According to O2, the improvement will be applied automatically in the next data renewal. That is, next October 18. Customers, therefore, will not have to do anything. It is also likely that the change will reach new customers soon.

O2 now offers 150GB and unlimited calls for 20 euros per month

For now, O2 is the only operator to offer such a number of gigabytes for this price. Its main competitor, Pepehone, offers 109GB of data with unlimited calls and a basic subscription to Netflix and Prime Video for 29.90 euros per month. Lowi, on the other hand, offers 100GB of data with unlimited calls for 19.95 euros per month, with the possibility of accumulating the remaining GB for the following month.

The most powerful Symio plan also offers 100 GB for 20 euros per month, while the most powerful Másmóvil plan 70 GB for 14.90 euros per month.

O2, on the other hand, also improved its fiber and mobile rates a few weeks ago, also adding: an option with only fiber for 31 euros per month. The new combined rates are as follows.

  • Fiber and 500Gb +50GB mobile for 38 euros
  • Fiber and 500Gb+100GB mobile for 42 euros
  • Fiber and 1Gb and 200GB mobile for 50 euros

This change in fiber and mobile rates also came with an important novelty: the end of regulated zones. That is, now, any user, wherever they live, will pay the same price.

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