Friday, September 22, 2023

Nvidia multiplies its quarterly profit by nine thanks to the “new computing age”

The American processor manufacturer nvidia announced this Wednesday that in its most recent quarter it has multiplied its quarterly profit by nine thanks to the “new computing age” in which artificial intelligence (AI) is key.

In the second quarter of its fiscal year, Nvidia earned US$6,188 million843% more than in that section last year, and doubled its billing to US$13.507 million, a record that it attributed to the growing revenues of its data center (US$10.320 million).

The technology company records an accumulated net profit of US$8,232 million in the first semester of its 2024 fiscal year, 262% more year-on-year, while its accumulated billing is US$20.699 million, 38% more, according to a corporate statement.

Nvidia’s numbers have skyrocketed since it predicted in May that its business would be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the AI developmentand it has already surpassed a trillion dollars in capitalization, becoming one of the largest listed companies in the US.

The founder and chief executive of the company, Jensen Huang, stated in the results note that “a new computing age has begun” in which the corporate world is making a “transition” towards “accelerated computing and generative AI”.

chips Nvidia A100 and H100 they are essential for the operation of generative AI applications such as the popular ChatGPT, which explains the strong growth of its data center business segment, the most lucrative, which has billed 171% more in the quarter.

Huang pointed out that in these three months, large cloud service providers and leaders of computer systems and software have turned to these “infrastructures” of Nvidia’s AI, reflecting that “the race to adopt generative AI is on.”

The other segments were shaded: Gaming (Videogames) billed US$2,486 million (22% more); Visualization Professional, related to graphics, US$379 million (23% less); Automotive, US$253 million (15% less), and generic products (OEM), US$66 million (53% less).

Nvidia foresaw that its good progress will continue in the third trimester of his exercise, in which he expects his billing to rise to US$16,000 million.


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