Friday, September 29, 2023

Nutrispot Biznaga Málaga, champion of Spain Master’s 2nd Division of Athletics

Nutrisport Biznaga Málaga completed a dream weekend, winning the Spanish Athletics Masters Championship in Almería and promotion to the First Division. In this competition, more than 350 athletes gathered during a day that served to demonstrate the brilliant talent of these athletes who came from different areas of Spain.

In total they were 16 teams that participated in this test, which are broken down into 8 male teams (Prantec AA, Club Atletismo Narón, Atlético Rentería, CEA Tenerife 1984, Club Atletismo Sada, AD Marathon, Atme. Sa Raval and Unión Atletas Almería) and 8 female teams (Durango Kirol Taldea, Barcelona At., Atlético Rentería, Kangaroo AAC, Trops-Cueva de Nerja, Nutrisport Biznaga Málaga, Club Corredores and Almería Athletes Union).

The malagueñas, at the top of the podium. The opinion

Great performance by the malagueñas

The team from Malaga was champion in the women’s category with 130 points, ahead of Durango Kirol Taldea, who added 107.5 and Barcelona At, who obtained 97. The other team from Malaga that participated in this Spanish championship, Trops-Cuevas de Nerja, was fifth, with 86 points.

In just 8 months of creation, the Nutrisport athletes, all based in Malaga, and who train every day at the Carranque facilities, have been the best in the Andalusian championships and also in the Spanish indoor championship, in addition to in the National of Second Division clubs played in Almería.

This team, of which the Councilor for Commerce is the godmother Elisa Perezhas the support of Nutrisport, Málaga Ciudad Redonda, Málaga Provincial Council, Ubago, Eshmun Clinic and Klimatiza.


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