Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal leaves behind the bad streak against Ourense Ontime (1-0)

Afternoon full of emotions in Guadaljaire. Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal secured the victory with epic and suffering against an Ourense Ontime that pushed until the last second. A solitary goal from Cristi and a heroic performance from Valeria gave wings to an Atlético Torcal that pushes forward in the fight for permanence and takes in a lot of oxygen.

Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal took to the court with Valeria in goal, Cristi, África, Eva and Julia. On behalf of Ourense Ontime, Sara Soares in goal, Chiky, Sara Moreno, Ana Rivera and Zaide Pérez formed. The match began with a very lively Atlético Torcal. Already in the 3rd minute Julia was ready to shoot cross but she found the post. Next, Sara Soares stopped a shot from Afri, who was very active in the early stages.

Round trip match

The initiative changed sides little by little during the first half. The initial 10 minutes were clearly for the locals, but the Galicians became active and had several dangerous chances. Among them a volley on the left side by Sara Moreno and another on the right flank by Vero. However, little activity between the sticks of both teams.

With one minute left before the break, Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal had the opportunity to go ahead in a play in which Cristi and Eva stood inside the area, but they failed to connect with each other and the action came to nothing. The scoreboard did not move in the first 20 minutes, marked by great equality on the court. The Malaga team once again accused the same problem seen in previous days: the lack of success in front of goal.

Second part

Back on the court the equality continued, but this time with an Ourense Ontime more focused on the pressure from high up. The Galicians caused some losses on the part of the local team, although they failed to shake Valeria. The same could be said about Soares, who spent long minutes without having to stretch. Until midway through the second half, Guadaljaire was immersed in joy and was finally able to shout out the first goal of the afternoon. TAis stood alone against her compatriot Soares, who bailed out very well and left the center with no space to finish. The Brazilian used intelligence, held the ball with her back and left it to Cristi to hit it into the top corner.

Nueces de Ronda Atlético Torcal enjoyed the inertia that the goal gave them and seconds later they almost increased their lead. Only Soares was able to avoid a cross shot from Eva, who also had the option of passing to Ale. But the visiting team had not said its last word. Ourense Ontime went all out and was about to ruin the party in Guadaljaire. A loss in the rival field fell at the feet of Sara Moreno, who led until she was alone against Valeria. For the local fortune, the play only ended in a corner, as Moreno opted for the pass to the middle and Julia and Eva providentially arrived at the court. Right after, Marta headed a ball to the crossbar in an action not suitable for the faint of heart.

heart attack ending

The last five minutes were truly heart-stopping. The visitors harassed Valeria’s goal again and again, now with Clara Fernández as goalkeeper-player. Every clearance and every stop was celebrated like a goal in the pavilion, which suffered every second as if it lasted an hour. The final whistle arrived and Guadaljaire burst into joy at seeing his team get the long-awaited three points at home.


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