Thursday, September 21, 2023

Now Telegram allows you to stream and record in groups and channels

The developers of Telegram, one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world, continue to improve the app so that the user experience is increasingly professional.

Currently, ‘streaming’ has taken over the digital present. There are more and more tools to have a closer approach to the followers of the channels.

What is streaming?

Streaming is what is known as live transmissions of digital content with the purpose of entertaining, informing or disseminating something specific.

More and more people use this type of digital tools, such as artists, athletes, influencers, journalists and even politicians have become experts using these media.

Although recently characters such as bloggers, gamers and even channels with many followers of this messaging platform, use streaming from the app to make the experiences with their followers more personal and attractive.

It is not necessary to be a public figure to launch your streams, Telegram allows you to transmit easily and quickly, share and chat with thousands of people in the same app and now, it has a new function.

Telegram launches the ability to record streams and save the video directly to your cell phone. Ready? Lights, camera… let’s go to the air!

How do transmissions from Telegram work?

Telegram added the option to broadcast live since last year, after its update in version 8.0. What’s new in the next update is that it will now allow you to record the streaming and then download it directly to your electronic device.

So now Telegram will be a digital platform for communication and entertainment, with news content, music, sports, classes, conferences and will have the possibility of transmitting all possible content live from anywhere in the world.

4 steps to start a stream on Telegram:

  • Go to the channel or group you want to stream from.
  • Click on the name of the channel or group and arrive at the profile page.
  • In the menu (the top three dots), select the ‘Start Stream’ option and it can be live or video chat.
  • Done, you have a live broadcast!


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