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Now Google tells you the name of your favorite songs, we tell you how

You will have heard of applications that have functions to recognize a song and give you the data of the theme, such as singer-songwriter, album, year of release, among other details. Google has a new feature to solve that issue in your life.

Before smartphones were smart, you only had the option of asking someone for the name of the song you liked or learning the lyrics and the tune to be able to look up its name later… Kind of complicated, right?

Now, if you go down the street and listen to a nice song, you can find out all the details with a click. Google is the first option to search for the lyrics of the coolest songs, but… What if you don’t know the name of the song?

Now Google tells you the name of your favorite songs, we tell you how
Source: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

Now the Google platform decided to integrate an assistant among its search functions for when the theme is playing. To activate this tool on your smartphone with an Android system, you have to say:

  • “Hey Google, what song is playing?”
  • “Ok Google, what does it sound like?”
  • “Ok Google, what song is it?

This option is available on devices with speakers and smart displays, but if the music is playing on the same device, it will be paused… So? Very easy. The option is that from another device you play the song and enter the Google assistant.

Another way to search is to go to the Google app and follow these steps:

  • Open the Google app
  • Click on the microphone icon
  • Click on the option “What song is this?”
  • Wait a moment for Google to recognize the topic
  • The song and its details will appear on your screen


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