Sunday, December 3, 2023

Novak Djokovic French Open 2023: Djokovic’s blast, entry in the final of French Open, now 1 step away from world record

Novak Djokovic French Open 2023: At this time, the tennis Grand Slam tournament French Open 2023 is in full swing among the sports lovers. In this season, once again Serbian player Novak Djokovic has won in a bang. World No. 3 Djokovic has entered the final by registering a resounding victory in the men’s singles semi-final match. This will be Djokovic’s 34th final of any Grand Slam.

Djokovic has given a crushing defeat to Spain’s world number-1 Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-finals. In this match Djokovic defeated Carlos 6-3, 5-7, 6-1, 6-1. This match between the two lasted for 3 hours and 23 seconds.

Carlos suffered a leg cramp, lost the match because of this!

Carlos lost the first set of the match 3-6. But he came back giving a great fight in the second set and defeated Djokovic 7-5. But after this, in the third set, Carlos got a cramp in his left leg. Due to this he lost his rhythm and could not make a comeback. Carlos lost the third and fourth sets 6-1, 6-1 due to cramps. In this way Djokovic won this match.

Djokovic one step away from world record

Spanish stars Rafael Nadal and Djokovic have won the most 22-22 Grand Slam titles in the world of tennis. This time if Djokovic wins this French Open title, he will make history by winning the most 23 Grand Slams and will beat Nadal. For this, Djokovic is yet to win only one match (final). Along with winning the title, Djokovic will also become the world number-1 tennis player.

Djokovic won the 91st French Open match

Along with winning this match, Djokovic has already made many records in his name. The first is that Djokovic has won 91 matches in this Roland Garros tournament. He is the 5th player to do so. While overall Djokovic will be seen playing the final match for the 34th time in any tennis Grand Slam tournament.


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