Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Nova H1, the pearl earrings that are truly wireless headphones

If you’re thinking of gifting someone special with wireless headphones, you probably think that the Nova H1 would be a great choice: headphones and earrings with pearls at the same time.

It is increasingly important to have good headphones on hand that connect with our devices via Bluetooth. They are no longer just for listening to music or our favorite programs, but in the world of work and the wave of teleworking they can be important for meetings.

However, if someone needs Bluetooth headphones, but also pearl earrings to go out to a meeting, the Nova H1 are exactly that, headphones hidden inside these earrings.

Nova H1

How do the Nova H1 work?

As the report published on the website of gizmodothese hearing aids do not use bone conduction to function without a speaker embedded within the ear canal, but instead the speaker grills direct the sound of the Nova H1 towards the ear.

Nova H1

The above defines that, although they will not provide as much audio fidelity as other wireless headphones such as Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 or Sony’s LinkBuds, they allow you to be more aware of what is happening around you by not physically blocking ambient sounds.

As a plus, The battery on these earbuds lasts up to 14 hours when paired with the jewel box-shaped charging case they come withbut users will be able to listen to music for up to three and a half hours before needing a charge or talk on the phone for about two and a half hours before the battery dies.

The Nova H1 are made of real pearls and precious metals and come in gold for €695 and silver for €595. Unfortunately, they are only available in Europe.


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