Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Noor Jehan, the elephant who was operated on in Pakistan, dies

The elephant named Noor Jehan, who was successfully operated on 6 April by a team of international veterinarians due to multiple ailments in Pakistan, died today, unable to stand up after an accident on 13 April.

An international team of veterinarians, led by the animal welfare NGO Four Paws, traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to examine long-term ill Noor Jehan.

After a detailed medical examination and ultrasound, Noor was diagnosed with a large hematoma affecting his organs in his abdomen, a fractured pelvis and an abscess growing in that area. After determining the cause of the elephant’s serious condition, the team administered medications, vitamins, painkillers, and hydrotherapy to provide immediate relief to the suffering elephant. Noor Jehan, who was successfully operated on April 6 with local experts in Karachi, on April 13 while convalescing. had an accident. Noor, who could not stand up after the accident, passed away today despite all the efforts of the authorities.


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