Sunday, June 4, 2023

Nooo! Checo Pérez would lose points in the championship by decision of the FIA

Two weeks from the Australian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez has not yet insured all the units achieved by being the FIA still analyzing a possible change in the final grid.

The Mexican finished the race in fifth position adding 11 pointsthe work of a fifth place and the extra point awarded by having the lap record on the track.

However, a protest Ferrari with the position of Carlos Sainzopens the possibility that the Red Bull pilot from Guadalajara will drop one position and cost him three points.

It should be remembered that the Spanish Ferrari driver was in fourth position, but the FIA ​​decided to penalize the man from Madrid with a 5-second penalty for a touch with Fernando Alonso, falling out of the points.

If it is specified that the International Automobile Federation determines to invalidate the sanction to Sainz, Checo would drop to sixth position and would only obtain 8 units.

In this scenario, the drivers’ championship would be Max Verstappen with 69 units, Checo would follow him with 51 points and in third position we have Fernando Alonso, with 45 units.

will be next April 18th when Carlos Sainz and Ferrari meet with the FIA ​​to slam against the five second penalty


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