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None of the First and Second clubs understand the criteria of the referees to point out the hands

In addition to the explanations offered by Joan Laporta for the ‘Negreira case’, which monopolized most of the spotlight and “they did not clarify anything“To the 41 remaining teams, the Extraordinary Assembly held this Thursday at the La Liga headquarters gave the opportunity to discuss more hot topics in Spanish football. Among them, one of the highlights of the meeting that brought together the clubs that are part of Spanish professional football was derives the arbitration structure and the controversies raised by their actions in recent times.

Javier Tebas, president of the employers’ association, defended the need to adopt a 100% independent model that does not depend on the Federation, as in the English championship or the Bundesliga, and opted to carry out a survey of the presidents of the First Division clubs and second so that give their opinion, anonymously, on the current situation around the referees. The structure, the criteria or the management of the matches were some of the issues dealt with, always with the intention that the particular opinion of a particular club would not transcend, but of all of them.

But there was a specific question in which that anonymity was uncovered. He 100% of the clubs that are part of the First and Second Division agreed when pointing out that “they do not understand” the criteria followed by the referees when signaling their hands in the areain a line similar to that shown by the footballers and coaches in recent days.

Very close to unanimity was also the question about the use of red cards, which in Spain almost quadruple those of the Premier League (115 vs. 29) and far exceed the rest of the major leagues. 93% of the teams agreed when pointing out that “the number of expulsions is being excessive and that it does not correspond to the level of aggressiveness of the competition” and even 78% thought that “it altered the normal development of the matches”.

post-match statements

“We have the issue of the increase in red cards issued this year in LaLiga, a fact that has also happened in other European countries, but that we should approach without confrontation and all together from a positive point of view to be able to continue advancing”, Thebes pointed out about the, in the opinion of the clubs, an excessive number of expulsions, which this season are already 112, 23 more than all of last season.

Regarding the use of VAR, 81% of club representatives believe “that penalties are being awarded for minor contacts due to video arbitration and that other clearer penalties are not being awarded”, generating “confusion” among football professionals. soccer. Higher is the percentage (90%) who believe that, “as in MLS”, the referees should publicly explain controversial plays by showing the images and audio from the VAR.

In addition to what happened on the pitch, La Liga also asked the clubs about cases such as those of Sergio Canales or José Luis Gayà, punished with several suspension matches for statements in which they questioned arbitration decisions after finishing the matches. 83% consider that “the interpretation of the disciplinary code is being excessive and sanctions against footballers” for this reason.

strike threat

The arbitration establishment has been highly questioned in recent times, to the point of having threatened with “drastic measures” if not for the “campaign” against it. A complaint that came after a series of statements issued by different LaLiga clubs against his exercise and attacks such as the one suffered by a teammate in Ceuta.

We regret the permanent attacks of LaLiga and its main leaders”, they argued from the CTA, pointing out that the employers “try to point out and ridicule the arbitration proceedings and generate an unbreathable climate towards our collective, sow doubt about our decisions and undermine arbitration professionalism” and requesting “institutional respect and responsibility in the face of an unprecedented event in Spanish football.”

After the assembly, Tebas responded by assuring that “there is a major problem with the arbitration and it must be assumed” and that the solution goes through “sit down and talk to all the actors that they can participate in this project and convince the Federation and referees. Also make room for the players”, referring to his proposal to renew the organization of the arbitral body.


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